BREAKING: Major University Changes Name of Law School; SJW’s Will Be LIVID!

George Mason University

The political correctness police aren’t going to be happy, in fact, snowflakes, aka: “social justice warriors,” i.e, cultural Marxists, may have to ask mommy for some extra-strength Tylenol to keep their collectivist heads from exploding when they learn the hot news that George Mason University is going to rename its law school.

And the new name will be…the Antonin Scalia School of Law, a well-deserved honor.

Antonin Scalia, the recently deceased long-serving Supreme Court justice, was a strict originalist interpreter of the Consitution, meaning that he didn’t fall for the “living breathing document” crap leftists spew in order to redefine the Constitution into meaning anything their present whims dictate.

Therefore, this is a more than courageous move for George Mason University and they should be applauded for the move, as there will no doubt be endless wailing and gnashing of teeth over the decision.

The College Fix reports:

The name change is one result of $30 million in new gifts, “the largest in university history,” Cabrera wrote. The new money will also establish a scholarship in Scalia’s name as well as scholarships named after economics Nobel Prize winner F.A. Hayek and former Virginia Gov. Linwood Holton.

In a passage sure to rile up haters, Cabrera said in a parallel press release:

“When we speak about diversity, that includes diversity of thought and exposing ourselves to a range of ideas and points of view. Justice Scalia was an advocate of vigorous debate and enjoyed thoughtful conversations with those he disagreed with, as shown by his longtime friendship with Justice Ginsburg. That ability to listen and engage with others, despite having contrasting opinions or perspectives, is what higher education is all about.”

An anonymous donor pledged $20 million and the Charles Koch Foundation, run by the libertarian industrialist, pledged the other $10 million as a matching gift.

Constitutional conservative presidential candidate Ted Cruz called Justice Scalia after his unexpected death a “champion of our liberties and a stalwart defender of the Constitution.

It will be interesting to see the intolerant and hateful progressive left’s reaction.

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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