BREAKING: Mark Levin Drops a Startling Bombshell: Announces $5,000 Reward

Constitutional scholar, best-selling author, and one of America’s top conservative radio talk show hosts, Mark Levin, dropped a bombshell at the beginning of his popular broadcast on Thursday.

Levin, who has not endorsed anyone in the GOP presidential race at this time, announced that one of the campaigns has been investigating him — trying to intimidate him — in order to pressure him from speaking his mind, assumably about the presidential race and certain candidates.

Additionally, Levin said that he believes he knows which campaign it is and vows to find out, even offering a financial reward for information that would expose the campaign.

In the attempt of the snoopers to try to dig up dirt on him, Levin revealed that the son of his fiancée is a Senate staffer for Ted Cruz — information that perhaps could be used to paint Levin as biased for Cruz by an opposing campaign.

“I will pay $5,000 to anybody who will tell me which campaign is spreading this — and if I can track it down and confirm it,” Levin offered. “I have a sense of which one it is — I really do,” he announced.

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“I have eyes and ears everywhere, folks. I really do, even in these campaigns people contact me — all these campaigns,” Levin said.

Mark Levin did say that he did not believe it was Donald Trump’s campaign behind the dirty tricks “unless he’s two-faced” based on a conversation he said he had with Trump two weeks ago.

Levin called the notion “preposterous” and “absurd” that someone would use sleazy intimidation tactics against him.

“Nobody is going to silence me,” Levin proclaimed. “The only way I’m silenced is if I get hit by a bus,” he said.

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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