Motorcade of Obama’s Ambassador to the UN Kills a Child

Samantha Power, Obama’s Ambassador to the United Nations, is in Cameroon for a week to focus on a war against the Muslim terrorists Boko Haram who have killed countless people, including scores of children, in Africa. Boko Haram has also made young girls their sex slaves, forcing them into marriage under the threat of death.

While driving in Cameroon, an armored vehicle that was part of the Power motorcade going 43 mph, which was carrying U.S. officials, struck and killed the seven-year-old boy after he darted out into the road. Power was not in the vehicle.

The boy is believed to have been distracted by a helicopter flying overhead for aerial support of the convoy.

Power is said to have been devastated when hearing about the boy’s death. In a statement, she said, “We visited with the boy’s family to offer our profound condolences and to express our grief and heartbreak with what the family is going through.”

It’s tragic that the Power delegation, in Cameroon to bring attention to the terror imposed by Boko Haram on children, killed a child as they begin their visit.

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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