Obama’s Emails Hacked by Russia; Obama Regime Concealed ‘For Months’

The Obama Regime knew Barack Obama’s emails were electronically retrieved from Russia hackers months ago, and have tried to keep the matter concealed and hidden from the American public and the rest of the world.

Obama White House officials, speaking on behalf of the “most transparent administration in history,” leaked to the New York Times, speaking under the condition of anonymity, revealed the attack to have originated from Russia, even though the Obama Regime “refused to identify the nationality of the hackers.”

Senior Obama “White House officials have know for months about the depth of the intrusion,” according to the report.

Officials admitted to the NYT that while, according to them, no classified information was obtained by Vladimir Putin’s Russia, an ally of Iran who the Obama Regime is negotiating a nuclear deal with, “the unclassified system routinely contains much information that is considered highly sensitive.”

Regime officials did not disclose how many of Obama’s emails were hacked by the Russians, nor would they comment on the sensitivity of the content.

According to the report, the Obama White House had been looking to name and punish hackers attacking the U.S. Government, however, for some reason, the Obama Regime, even though it had been very quick to blame Sony’s infamous hacking on the North Koreans, has been silence about naming Russians as attackers in this case.

One of the curiosities of the White House and State Department attacks is that the administration, which recently has been looking to name and punish state and nonstate hackers in an effort to deter attacks, has refused to reveal its conclusions about who was responsible for this complex and artful intrusion into the government.


That is in sharp contrast to Mr. Obama’s decision, after considerable internal debate in December, to name North Korea for ordering the attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment, and to the director of national intelligence’s decision to name Iranian hackers as the source of a destructive attack on the Sands Casino.

When the Times asked Obama National Security Council spokeswoman, Bernadette Meehan, to comment on the matter, she replied, “We’ll decline to comment.”

“All of this is very tightly held,” a senior Obama White House official told the NYT. Democrat presidential candidate, scandal-plagued Hillary Clinton, is under fire for “Emailgate, communicating U.S. government business on a secret, private email server located inside her mansion in New York, then reportedly destroying the server before government investigators could see the contents.

Retired top Obama intelligence official, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, said earlier this month that it was very likely that China or Russia hacked into Hillary’s secret, private server.

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Matthew K. Burke
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