BREAKING: Obama Said Not to Fear Women and Children as Terrorists, then this Happened

Barack Obama has ridiculed Americans who are concerned about his plan to import potential terrorists via his resettlement of Muslim Syrian refugees. In an attempt to hide the fact that 72 percent of these ‘refugees’ are military aged men who fit the profile of someone who would join ISIS, Obama has tried to shame those in opposition by saying they are turning away widows and orphans.

However, what happened in Nigeria is clear evidence that it is not just men who are participating in terrorist activities in the name of Islam. Women and children are as well.

There have been two attacks in Nigeria, in the cities of Yola and Kano, within the past 24 hours. At least one of the attacks involved suicide bombs detonated by females. One of the suicide bombers was an 11 year old girl.

In the city of Yola, 32 people were killed and 72 injured when bomb was detonated. Officials are unsure if the bomb was a planted device or a suicide bomber. But, in the city of Kano, two female suicide bombers killed 15 people and injured more than 120 more.

Roughly 400 miles to the northwest, in Kano, a twin suicide bombing killed 15 people and injured at least 123 in a mobile phone market, Kano state police commissioner Muhammad Musa Katsina said.

The two bombers, who Katsina said were females ages 11 and 18, blew themselves up at about 4 p.m. local time, during the peak of trading, he said. A minivan carrying four other children believed to be suicide bombers dropped the girls off, he said.

These young girls, ages 11 and 18, chose a strategic time to detonate their suicide bombs at peak trading time when the market would be most full.

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Since the report states that a minivan with four other kids, who are also believed to be suicide bombers, dropped these female terrorists off at the market, we should expect more terrorist attacks involving children.

Tell us again, Obama, how our concerns that these Syrian refugees, composed of 13 percent who completely support ISIS and 23 percent who give some level of support to these Islamic terrorists, is unfounded?

Barack Obama’s actions in his determination to import over 10,000 potential terrorists into the United States makes it perfectly clear that he cares nothing about the national security of this country. As president and commander in chief, his priority is to the safety and security of this country and her citizens, not to those deemed ‘refugees.’

Here’s another fact that Barack Obama does not want you to know.

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Muslim countries in the Middle East are refusing to take in a single Syrian refugee due to concerns about terrorism. Yet Western countries, including the Barack Obama led United States, insist on doing so for ‘humanitarian reasons’ attacking those who are concerned about potential terrorism and infiltration by ISIS as heartless bigots.



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