Odd Results for New Hampshire Primary as Winners are Declared

On Tuesday, the results of the New Hampshire primary came in early as the state’s primary represented a dramatic shake-up from the Iowa Caucus.

Predictably, the anti-establishment sentiment that has dominated this election cycle was well-represented in the results with billionaire Donald Trump winning in the Republican election and socialist senator Bernie Sanders emerging as the victor in the Democratic race.

“We are going to make America great again,” Trump told a cheering crowd of supporters Tuesday night. “We are going now to South Carolina. We are gonna win in South Carolina!”

New Hampshire can be a slightly unpredictable primary for Democrats and even moreso for Republicans. However, while the anti-establishment sentiment that has dominated this election cycle can be seen as the cause of Trump and Sanders’ win, the runners-up on the Republican side seem to be nothing short of bizarre.

At the time of reporting, John Kasich is placing second place behind Trump and Jeb Bush is placing third. Iowa’s winner, Ted Cruz, is placing fourth and Marco Rubio is placing fifth despite significant rumors that the senator would place in the top-three if not win it altogether.

New Hampshire is a free-for-all as independents make up a significant portion of the voters in the state and voters are allowed to identify with either party when they show up to vote- a practice which can make the outcome difficult to predict.

On the Democratic side, Sanders’ long-predicted sweeping victory represents a turning point in the Democratic primary. The once long-shot is now competing with the long-time frontrunner and Hillary Clinton’s loss in New Hampshire tonight should prompt a restructuring of her campaign in the weeks to come if she wishes to remain politically relevant.

Going into the race, political pundits, strategists and the campaigns, themselves, have been remarkably cagey and have largely refrained from bold predictions as New Hampshire can be an electoral wild card. A more-telling indicator of the electability of candidates, however, will be seen in South Carolina, the next primary.

UPDATE: Ted Cruz has pulled into third place with 25% of precincts reporting. He currently stands at 11.8% while Jeb Bush has slipped to fourth place with 11.4%. John Kasich remains at second place with 15.5%.

UPDATE: John Kasich has been officially awarded the number two spot with 16%. With 82% of precincts reporting, Ted Cruz still maintains a slight lead over Jeb Bush to hold onto the third place spot, 11.4% to Bush’s 11.1%.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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