Multiple Officers Shot and Killed in Baton Rouge; Suspect Dead


There are reports that officers have been shot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Police have not released any specifics as to the condition of the officers or even if any have been injured.

Witnesses who spoke with WBRZ say a man dressed in black with his face covered fired gunshots as he walked between a convenience store and a car wash near Hammond Air Plaza. A  manhunt is underway to find the suspect. Roads between police headquarters and I-12 have been closed.

Since the death of Alton Sterling, officers in Baton Rouge have had their own lives threatened multiple times. The New Black Panthers not only joined in on protests but formed their newest chapter in Baton Rouge just yesterday, on Saturday. A local resident, Edwin Smith, contacted the New Black Panthers about beginning a chapter. Smith said,“It is time for new leadership and a new organization to step forward in Baton Rouge. I feel like the New Black Panther Party is the organization that can bring new leadership to Baton Rouge.”

After a black woman, Sandra Bland, committed suicide while in police custody, the New Black Panthers protested in Texas threatening the lives of police. They stood armed outside the Waller County Jail chanting things such as Off the pigs’, ‘Whose streets? Our streets’ and ‘Oink, oink… bang, bang’.

UPDATE: 11:30 am Eastern

Sgt. Don Coppola, from the Baton Rouge Police Department, said,

“I do not have the extent of the injuries,” Sgt. Coppola explained. “We’re hearing that it may also include some deputies [with the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office], but that’s preliminary information and I’m waiting on confirmation.”

UPDATE: 11:40 am Eastern

CNN is reporting there are now three police officers dead, seven others shot in Baton Rouge.

UPDATE: 12:36 pm Eastern

One suspect is dead. Two are still at large.

UPDATE: 1:00 pm Eastern

This attack on police in Baton Rouge, which left three dead and three injured, is being described as an ambush.

Local news is reporting an armed standoff currently between police and at least one other suspect.

UPDATE: 2:00 pm Eastern

One of the three injured police officers is in critical condition. Police officers were ambushed when they arrived on the scene after responding to a call of shots fired.

UPDATE: 2:17 pm Eastern

Two men are reportedly being questioned by police. Police are also asking people to report anyone they see wearing all black or fatigues.

UPDATE: 5:11 pm Eastern

The person who ambushed Baton Rouge police has been identified as 29-year old Gavin Eugene Long, a black man from Kansas City, Missouri. Long died at the scene. Today was his birthday. He killed three police officers and injured three. One of the three injured is in critical condition and fighting for his life.

This story is developing.


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