Only Non-Socialist Democrat Presidential Candidate Jim Webb Has a HUGE Announcement Coming

Former Virginia senator and Democrat presidential candidate Jim Webb, a former Secretary of Navy under the Reagan Administration, and arguably, an old-school JFK-style Democrat who after the first debate sounded like the only Democrat who isn’t a radical, anti-freedom, anti-rights socialist-communist in the race, has a major announcement coming on Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. ET, that could cause major problems for whoever the eventual Democrat nominee is.

Reportedly, Jim Webb is strongly considering running as an Independent, and will make that announcement on Tuesday.

A Jim Webb Independent run, even if he scrapes away low-single digit numbers away from the Democrat nominee, could swing the general election toward the Republicans in a very tight race, as most presidential elections tend to be.

It would make sense for Webb to leave that party of JFK, as it is now dominated by anti-American leftists hellbent on fundamentally transforming the United States into a totalitarian third-world hell hole with their anti-freedom controlist policies.

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The Democrat Party, once the party of the “little guy,” has become the party of totalitarian fascism, with big government merging with crony big businesses to screw the hell out of the “little guy.” One need not go any further than to view Hillary Clinton’s top donors to prove this fact.

Webb is not your typical Democrat these days, having been the only Democrat to say during the first debate that “All Lives Matter,” not just black ones.

Moreover, Webb is for a strong military, has major problems with Obamacare, and is against the Obama-Kerry Iran Deal, admitting that America got nothing out of the deal.

Webb is a military hero, author of ten books, and is even supportive of the pro-growth FAIRtax, which would abolish the IRS and replace the current federal income tax with a tax on consumption, a slap in the face to the Karl Marx-inspired “progressive” income tax.

Webb contended that the CNN debate was “rigged” against him, in favor of Hillary Clinton and Socialist Bernie Sanders, who received the majority of the airtime during the debate.

Truth be told, Webb is probably more conservative, at least on several major issues, that establishment RINO squishes like Lindsey Graham, Jeb Bush and Chris Christie.

UPDATE: Jim Webb did indeed announce that he was “stepping aside from the Democratic process,” effectively dropping out of the presidential race as a Democrat, but is definitely considering a run as an Independent candidate. You can read his full statement, delivered on Tuesday, HERE.

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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