Paris Under Siege by Massive Islamic Terrorist Attacks

UPDATE: Man Arrested by French Police Says He is Associated with ISIS and these Attacks were an ISIS Operation

On Friday evening, in what is believed to be the deadliest attacks in “gun free zone” France in decades, terrorists launched multiple coordinated attacks throughout the city, with some of the locations being very near the site of the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks in January 2015. This is a live and ongoing terrorist attack with reports of new attacks being revealed.

FOX News reported that approximately 100 people are being held hostage and 60 people are confirmed dead near Stade de France at the Bataclan ars centre.

While the reports are still coming in, it is believed to be a series  of coordinated attacks that include suicide bombings and mass shootings at a bar, a stadium, and at a concert hall in the same area.

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The U.K. Telegraph reports that at least one of the terrorists shouted “Allahu Akbar,” a Muslim phrase praising Allah:

Screenshot 2015-11-13 at 3.58.04 PM

FOX’s Catherine Herridge reports that an American band, the Eagles of Death Metal, was playing at the football stadium and the the French president Francois Hollande was present.

Herridge reported:

“To have murdered so many innocent in a such a short period of time, and to also hold them hostage at this hour. This is not a pick-up game what is going on in Paris at this hour. This speaks to premeditation and speaks to coordination.”

Two of the areas hit the hardest are within walking distance of the Charlie Hebdo headquarters, the cartoonists who were the victims of Islamic terrorist attacks in January of this year, after the group published cartoons Muslims deemed offensive to the prophet Muhammed.

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The UK Daily Mail reports additional details and slightly different numbers from FOX News:

Paris has been gripped by terror after three coordinated terror attacks in the heart of the city killed at least 40 people.

At least 11 were killed in a restaurant shootout and 15 at the Bataclan concert hall where terrorists are said to be holding 100 people hostage.

Two loud explosions were heard outside the Stade de France sports stadium where the French football team was playing a friendly match against Germany. U.S. security officials believe the attacks were coordinated. 

French television now quoting authorities as saying that inside the concert hall the gunman yelled, “This is for Syria” indicating a motive of Islamic terrorism.
According to Europe 1 radio, there has just been another attack, a shooting, at a shopping mall, but no further details are available at this time. 
No group has officially taken responsibility for the attacks as of 11:38 PM Paris time.
UPDATE at 5:45 PM ET: CNN is reporting the death toll to now by 60, while the hostage situation is ongoing.
UPDATE from Barack Obama’s press conference: Obama has said that he will not be calling the French president right now as he is sure he is very busy. He also stated during his remarks that he “did not want to speculate at this point as to who was the responsible party,”  although again, reports have said that the terrorists yelled Allahu Akbar.
UPDATE at 6:24 PM ET: It is being reported that terrorist attacks have taken place in France in six different locations. FOX News is also reporting that gunshots can be heard on live television from Bataclan concert hall. Local sources are saying the hostages are being executed one by one.
UPDATE at 6:29 PM ET: Reuters is reporting that five explosions have been reported at the Bataclan concert hall. FOX News’ Catherine Herridge reports that an ISIS-related Twitter account has posted photos of bodies in the street and celebrated the attacks. Paris police are now moving into the Bataclan concert hall. French President Francois Hollande said that another terrorist attack is reported to be taking place.
UPDATE at 6:49 PM ET: FOX News reports that one man has been arrested in Paris tonight. Upon his arrest, he told French authorities, “I am from ISIS.” Within the last hour, he told French police, “I am Syrian. I was here with two others. We were recruited by ISIS.” The man also said that this is in essence an ISIS mission.
UPDATE at 6:55 PM ET: The attack at the concert hall is over. Twelve hostages have been rescued. The two terrorists there have been killed by police.
UPDATE at 7:00 PM ET: The band Eagles of Death, who were performing at the Bataclan concert hall when it was attacked by Muslim terrorists, posted on their Facebook page.
Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 5

UPDATE at 7:14 PM ET: Authorities have said that around 100 people were killed at the Bataclan concert hall by gunmen who shouted “This is for Syria” and “Allahu Akbar.” The death toll is expected to rise. A state of emergency is in place, the border of France are closed, and people are told to shelter in place as a curfew is instituted.

UPDATE at 7:33 PM ET: French officials state death count at 140.

UPDATE at 7:55 PM ET: A total of four terrorists have been killed.

UPDATE at 8:07 PM ET: Office death toll now 158, according to French officials.

UPDATE at 9:48 PM ET: French authorities have said that all attackers are believed to be dead.

UPDATE at 11:14 PM ET: Local French news sources report that eight terrorists are dead.

WATCH BELOW via the Daily Mail:

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