Rick Perry Has Made His Presidential Endorsement And Now He’s Heading to Iowa to Campaign

The longest-serving governor in Texas history, former Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry, the author of what became known as the economic “Texas Miracle,” has made his coveted endorsement for the presidency.

Even though Rick Perry supported Ted Cruz’s opponent, Perry’s then-lieutenant governor, David Dewhurst, in his underdog senatorial race in 2012, Perry told Politico on Sunday night that he is throwing his support behind Ted Cruz and plans to join Cruz on the campaign trail in Iowa this week to stump for Cruz.

Considering there are two other governors in the race, Ohio’s John Kasich and New Jersey’s Chris Christie, and considering that Perry repeatedly touted his “executive experience” as a selling point during his recent presidential bid, Perry’s choice is a major coup for Senator Ted Cruz.

Rick Perry, whose support came from a mix of establishment and more grassroots tea partiers, told Politico that Cruz is a “good listener” and is “more conservative than Trump,” and believes the GOP nomination will come down to a head-to-head match between Trump and Cruz.

“Of those individuals who have a chance to win the Republican primary, at this juncture, from my perspective, Ted Cruz is by far the most consistent conservative in that crowd,” Perry said. “And that appears to be down to two people.”

Perry compared the Cruz-led 2013 temporary and partial government shutdown, a fight in which Cruz was attempting to defund Obamacare, to hitting a “mule upside the head to get its attention,” which Perry said is “necessary from time to time.”

On Thursday, 22 leading conservatives banned together with National Review, a publication founded by William F. Buckley, Jr., in an anti-Trump manifesto entitled “Against Trump.”

Among those endorsing the manifesto against Donald Trump, the current GOP frontrunner in all national polls, are Thomas Sowell, Brent Bozell, Glenn Beck, Dana Loesch, Katie Pavlich and several other well-known conservative leaders.

In a new FOX News Iowa poll, Trump leads Cruz 34 percent to 23 percent, with Marco Rubio in third at 12 percent.

However, with just one week to go before the Iowa Caucus on February 1, radio talk show host and Iowa political prognosticator Steve Deace, who has endorsed Ted Cruz and predicts a Cruz win, reminded on Facebook that previous polls released a week before the Iowa Caucus were often poor predictors of actual winners.

Deace wrote:

–In the final week of the 2008 Iowa Caucuses, there were eight public polls released that had Hillary Clinton winning, and one even had John Edwards winning. Barack Obama’s organization won by almost eight points, and out-performed the Real Clear Politics polling average by almost seven points.

–In the final week of the 2008 Iowa Caucuses, there were four public polls released that had Mitt Romney winning, and he lost by nine points. Mike Huckabee’s organization out-performed the Real Clear Politics polling average by six points.

–Back in 2004, the best John Kerry polled in any of the final Iowa Caucus polls was 23%. He won on caucus night with 37%.

–No final public poll of Iowa back in 2012 had Rick Santorum higher than 18 percent (and that was only two of them), but on caucus night his organization out-performed the Real Clear Politics polling average by almost 10 points.

Deace noted that he is not buying the turnout models forecasted in the latest FOX and CNN polls, which suddenly show a 200% increase over the highest Iowa Caucus turnout ever, which occurred in 2008.

Perry will be campaigning this week with Iowa Congressman Steve King, a staunch opponent of amnesty for illegal immigrants and proponent of border security. Rep. Steve King has also endorsed the Texas senator.

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Matthew K. Burke
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