Shooting on ‘Gun-Free’ Oregon College Campus. 13 Reported Dead, Many More Wounded

Roseburg, a quiet logging town nestled in the trees of the hills of Oregon along the I-5 corridor and this author’s home town, was rocked by violence on Thursday as a gunman opened fire on the campus of the two-year college that serves the community.

The small community is served by Umpqua Community College and according to multiple reports, 10 have been killed and an unknown number of people have been wounded with reports ranging from 6 to 20. Local reports indicate that 6 are being treated at the local hospital and the staff are expecting 4 more.

The campus is an outdoor facility with segmented, individual classrooms without a centralized building or hallway. However, the shooting reportedly took place in Snyder Hall, one of the few buildings on campus with multiple classrooms in one building.

Little is known about the shooting at this time, but local authorities have confirmed that the situation is no longer active. Douglas County Fire Marshal Ray Shoufler confirmed that the shooter was “down,” but police are still asking residents to remain away from the campus to give authorities the proper room to conduct their investigation.

The FBI has confirmed that they are aware of the shooting and are en route from Portland to assist.

The small community college, while residing within the largely conservative Douglas County, is subject to Oregon statutes that are more liberal in nature. Though the campus has security, they are unarmed and the college, like the rest of Oregon campuses, prohibits the carrying of concealed weapons on campus, making the campus a target-rich environment for those who are not deterred from murder by signs prohibiting the possession of firearms.

PolitiStick will provide more details as they become available.

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UPDATE: Fox News has detailed what is known about the shooting at this point:

  • Authorities told Fox News they responded to a report of a shooting Thursday at around 10:38 a.m. local time.
  • The shooter was a 20-year-old male and he is now dead.
  • Mercy Medical Center said in aFacebook posting that it had received nine patients from the shooting and three more were on the way.
  • A Peace Health Sacred Heart Medical Center spokesperson said the hospital had received “six victims,” two females and four males. “One of the females is 18 years old.”
  • A Douglas County Sheriff’s Dept. spokesperson said multiple assets were on site and EMS was on the scene.
  • The ATF said on Twitter that it had special agents on the scene.
  • Students and faculty members are being bused to the Douglas County Fairgrounds and can be picked up there.

Kortney Moore, 18, told the News-Review she was in her Writing 115 class in Snyder Hall when a shot came through the window. Moore said she saw her teacher get shot in the head. The shooter then reportedly told the students to get on the ground before asking people to stand up and state their religion. He then began firing. Moore said she was lying on the ground with people who had been shot.

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