Terrorists Shouting Allahu Akbar Take 170 Hostages at American-Owned Hotel

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Nearly one week after Muslim terrorists unleashed a gruesome, highly coordinated terrorist attack in multiple targets in Paris, a similar scene is unfolding in Mali. Terrorists stormed the Radisson hotel, which according to management was at 90% capacity, shouting “Allahu Akbar.” The rammed cars through hotel barriers to gain access and storm it.

A total of 170 hostages, including 30 staff and 140 hotel guests, have been taken by these 10 Muslim terrorists who were reportedly yelling “Allahu Akbar,” at the Radisson Blu located in the Mali capitol of Bamako. The terrorists were armed with guns and grenades when they stormed the luxury hotel. The hotel is owned and operated by the Carlson Resider group, one of the world’s largest hotel groups with headquarters in Minneapolis.

Speaking with NBC News, a spokesperson for the hotel said the hotel is on lockdown with no one having the ability to enter or exit. The spokesperson added, “As per our information the persons who have entered the building and have initiated the hostage-taking have locked the property, so it is not locked by police or other forces.”

Five people are reportedly dead. The identities of those people have not been released. The hotel is also working on developing a list of the names and nationalities of all those believed to be taken hostage.

The U.S. Embassy in Bamako has asked all Americans in the city to shelter in place. Private U.S. citizens in the city have been encouraged to contact their families.


Although Bamako has not suffered a terrorist attack in the past, the area was occupied by Islamist terrorists before being driven out by the French.

Northern Mali was occupied by Islamist fighters, some with links to al Qaeda, for most of 2012. Although they were driven out by a French-led military operation, sporadic violence has continued. However this is the first time the capital city of Bamako has seen a suspected terror attack like today’s.

One Twitter user reported that in addition to this being an American-owned hotel, the French have been conducting training ops in Mali.

During the attacks on Paris, which ISIS claimed credit for, more than 100 people were held hostage at the Bataclan concert hall. The terrorists shot the hostages one by one, reloading as they ran out of bullets. When police stormed the hall, the terrorists threw hand grenades at the hostages before killing themselves.

UPDATE, 5:25 am ET:

FOX News reports that some of the hostages have been released by the Muslim terrorists from the Radisson Blu in Bamako. However, the terrorists only released those hostages who recited passages from the Koran.

Al Jazeera reports that the richest man in Africa, Aliko Dangote, was at the Radisson at the time of the attack.

UPDATE, 5:31 am ET:

The Muslim terrorists have reportedly left some of the hostages free. Only those who could recite passages from the Koran were given their freedom.

UPDATE, 6:39 am ET:

FOX News reports that the Muslim terrorists are going to each floor of the luxury hotel and throwing hand grenades as they shout “Allahu Akbar.”

UPDATE, 10:18 am ET:

An Al Qaeda group is claiming responsibility for the terrorist attack on the American-owned Radisson hotel in Mali. More than 138 remain held hostage.

UPDATE, 11:50 am ET:

The Radisson Blu in Mali has been cleared by Malian troops. There is no word yet on how many hostages and terrorists are alive or dead.

This story is developing.

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