The Winner Has Been Declared for Wisconsin; You Won’t Believe The Margin!

Bloviating billionaire and reality TV actor Donald Trump should have easily won Wisconsin. The same Marquette University poll that showed Trump with a 10-point lead in mid-late February — only weeks ago — changed to a 10-point lead for Ted Cruz — an amazing 20-point swing — following Trump’s self-inflicted wounds of stupidly attacking Ted Cruz’s wife, his thuggish campaign manager getting arrested for manhandling a reporter, and his rapid-fire flip-flops on the life and death issue of abortion.

Moreover, the demographics in Wisconsin were highly favorable to Trump and actually not nearly as favorable to Ted Cruz. Let’s put it this way, The Badger State, which considers RINO Paul Ryan a staunch conservative, is not exactly the most conservative state in the union. Nor is it the most evangelical.

Wisconsin is no Iowa.

As Iowa-based national conservative talk show host Steve Deace reported, Wisconsin should have been easy pickin’ for Trump:

  • The state is 77% white, which is 14 points above the national average, and it’s slightly above the national average of elderly population (the whiter and older you are, the more likely you are to support Trump).

  • Wisconsin is only 33rd in evangelical population, but has the 10th highest Catholic population (Catholics have a higher approval of Trump than evangelicals do).

  • It’s in the bottom half of the country in weekly church attendance (Trump’s biggest kryptonite).

  • It’s an open primary (where Trump performs best) in a socially moderate-to-liberal state (Trump’s strongest ideological base) where a GOP presidential candidate hasn’t won since 1988.

Wisconsin wasn’t the only bad news for “The Donald.” A new national poll from Reuters, the poll that has been the most favorable to Trump from the beginning, the poll most touted by Trump and the Trump propaganda site — The Drudge Report — the poll that last month had the bloviating billionaire with a whopping 20-point national lead, is now showing a dead heat.

Ted Cruz crushed both Donald Trump and RINO Ohio Governor John Kasich (pronounced “K-Sick”) by a huge margin, outperforming even the most optimistic poll for Cruz. It wasn’t even close, with Cruz widely outperforming the most optimistic poll.

With 19 percent of precincts reporting, Cruz won 51.6 percent of the vote, with Trump only getting 30.6 percent, a whopping 21-point margin that if it holds would be more than double the 10-point margin predicted in the Marquette poll.

Kasich, who is in fourth place in delegates in a three-person race — is mathematically eliminated — and has only won one state — his home state of Ohio, pulled up the rear, as usual, only receiving 13.8 percent. Cruz’s overwhelming victory may have been even larger if Kasich had dropped out of the race.

FOX News declared Ted Cruz the victory of the Wisconsin primary at 9:35 PM ET.

Cruz was no doubt assisted by the late endorsement of extremely popular Republican governor Scott Walker who has an 80% approval rating amongst Republican voters. Unbelievably, Trump attacked Walker, after his endorsement of Cruz, for not raising taxes and for his endorsement of Cruz. This constituted yet another major blunder for Trump over this past week.

Ted Cruz has now obtained over 50 percent of the vote in two states. In Utah, Cruz won with 69 percent of the vote over Trump.

John Roberts of FOX News reported that Donald Trump will not be making any public appearances tonight. There is a reason why — embarrassment.


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Matthew K. Burke
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