BREAKING: Trump Campaign Manager, Corey Lewandowski, Charged with Alleged Battery

Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, came under fire after allegedly grabbing the arm of then-Breitbart political reporter Michelle Fields on March 8, Super Tuesday. Fields contended that Lewandowski grabbed her arm so hard and pulled her back that she almost fell and he left bruises on her arm. Washington Post reporter Ben Terris was a witness to the accosting of Fields by Lewandowski, but all that wasn’t enough to stop the Trump campaign from smearing the character of Fields.

Lewandowski called Fields “delusional” and said he “never touched her.” Trump himself accused Fields of making the whole thing up to get attention.

After all the evidence was investigated by the Jupiter Police Department, Corey Lewandowski has been charged with alleged battery of Michelle Fields.

ABC News tweeted the news on Tuesday morning.

The Trump campaign, including spokesperson Katrina Pierson, have continually denied any wrongdoing on the part of Lewandowski. At one point, they claimed that he was nowhere near Fields on the night in question and maintained that it was a case of mistaken identity. When video evidence emerged which showed Lewandowski not only near Fields, but also reaching for her arm, the Trump campaign, and some of Fields’ co-workers at Breitbart News, ramped up the character assassination of Fields.

Security footage was also released on Tuesday morning which shows Corey Lewandowski clearly grabbing Michelle Fields.

Fields, subsequently, quit her job at Breitbart after it was clear that management was working to protect Trump. Employees of Breitbart News were told they could not speak about the incident on social media. In addition to Fields, Breitbart News editor-at-large Ben Shapiro and three others also quit. Fields also saw her role on FOX News’ Cashin’ In reduced to a “week by week” basis, though she has not appeared on the show again since the incident.

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Host Eric Bolling is very pro-Trump often sounding like a Trump surrogate rather than a host. FOX News has been accused of making special considerations for Trump, allowing him to call into shows, and the network has a variety of hosts that frequently come to Trump’s defense, even to the point of twisting the facts when it came to Trump’s attack on Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi.

Lewandowski reportedly turned himself into the Jupiter Police Department at 8 am local time after an arrest warrant was issued.

The Trump campaign released a statement continuing to contend the innocence of Lewandowski.

On March 15, one week after the allegation of the battery of Michelle Fields by Lewandowski, Donald Trump had Lewandowski on the stage with him for a victory speech. In the middle of the speech, he randomly offered praise to Lewandowski, turning around and saying, “Good job, Corey.” Many saw this as an insult and slam against Fields.

This is not the only time this campaign season that Lewandowski has been accused of manhandling people. He was caught on camera grabbing the collar of a protester and pulling him back.

Trump praised the actions of Lewandowski as “spirited” while also throwing police under the bus.

Corey Lewandowski must appear in court on May 4, 2016, which is the morning after the Indiana primary and a few days before voting takes place in Nebraska and West Virginia.




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