TYRANNY ALERT: Obama Regime Trying to Squash Veteran’s Second Amendment Rights; He Needs Your Help

Obama Tyrant

Washington State Rep. Matthew Shea, who represents the 4th district in the Spokane Valley, announced on his Facebook page that there is a showdown happening today in Idaho between the federal government and citizens who are standing up for the Second Amendment.

According to Shea, the government plans on confiscating the guns of a Vietnam veteran who suffered a stroke which left him with mild physical impairment.

He posted some background on the situation on his Facebook page Thursday morning.

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He was alerted about the government plan to confiscate this veteran’s guns by Idaho State Rep. Heather Scott. As the representative of the veteran in question, Scott brought attention to his plight on her Facebook page.

Time to Stand against Gun Confiscation in North Idaho!

Based on an assessment of a letter I received, I believe that the Department of Veterans Affairs is coming to a veteran’s home in Priest River today to check for and confiscate his guns based on nothing more than a stroke which has left him with some mild physical impairment.

If you feel, as I do, that our veterans should not be treated like 3rd class citizens or common criminals, please join me between 9am and noon at the Congregational Church parking lot on HWY 2 to stand with this Veteran and show that the citizens of Bonner & Boundary County will stand firm on this issue.

TYRANNY ALERT: Obama Seeks To Prohibit Social Security Recipients From Owning Firearms

Shea provided an excerpt of the letter that the veteran received in his statement on Facebook as confirmation that the Obama regime is indeed attempting to confiscate the guns of this veteran. He also makes it clear that the veteran is competent, so the application of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act by the Obama VA does not apply.

So there are going to be people who say “this isn’t a big deal” or “this doesn’t sound right.” THIS HEAD IN THE SAND ATTITUDE IS WHY WE ARE WHERE WE ARE IN THIS COUNTRY. Here is the excerpt from the letter “As we advised you previously, the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act prohibits you from purchasing, possessing, receiving or transporting a firearm or ammunition based upon determination that you are incompetent to handle your VA funds. You may be fined and/or imprisoned if you knowingly violate this law.”

They then scheduled a “home inspection.” The Veteran is competent. The Veteran himself is asking for help, as is the current President of the American Legion Auxilliary and the State Representative of that District Heather Scott. That’s enough for me. Some points:

1. I don’t care if they are trying to come today with a deputy to confiscate or merely inspecting to determine guns are in the house to report to law enforcement later…IT STOPS NOW.

2. We are in contact with the County Sheriff. Update on that shortly.
3. This isn’t just about Idaho, it is about the entire Country. We need to send the strongest message THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, ANYPLACE IN AMERICA.


Reports from Shea’s contacts on the ground in Idaho are that the sheriff in Bonner County, Sheriff Wheeler, where this standoff is taking place will take a stand with the people and the Constitution on this issue.

Shea is currently en route to Idaho with a convoy of people to stand with this veteran in an effort to protect him and his Second Amendment rights.

As A Result Of Having Served, THOUSANDS Of Veterans Lose Second Amendment Rights

This story is developing.


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