BREAKING: Video Taken INSIDE LaVoy Finicum’s Truck Shows Bundy Protester’s Last Moments

After descending upon a convoy of principled patriots who were en route to a local townhall meeting, FBI and Oregon State troopers shot and killed Robert “LaVoy” Finicum, one of the protesters who had occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge for several weeks in protest of the federal government’s occupation and claiming of the majority of land in Western states.

Finicum had run a road block after reportedly explaining to authorities that he intended to speak with the sheriff of a neighboring county. He informed the police of his intentions and reportedly told them to either shoot him dead or let him continue on his quest to consult with the sheriff.

Finicum hit a snow bank and exited his vehicle with his hands up. However, seconds later, he was shot several times by Oregon State Police agents and federal agents.

The federal agents who shot at Finicum in tandem with the Oregon police evidently did not report that they had fired shots and the shooting is under federal investigation.

Despite the federal withholding of facts, the FBI proudly pronounced the shooting of Finicum to be necessary and cited no wrongdoing in their having forced the confrontation- a rehashing of spin tactics seen in the aftermath of Ruby Ridge.

The FBI released aerial footage of the altercation which they alleged showed the justification for their use of deadly force.

However, a video has emerged that was taken by Shawna Cox, a passenger in Finicum’s vehicle, that shows the last moments of Finicum’s life and the truth behind the reports of Finicum’s conduct in the moments leading to his death.

The video below shows Finicum communicating with authorities, informing them of his intentions. When Finicum announces he intend to proceed, the passengers duck down as authorities fire at the vehicle.

Finicum encountered the roadblock and hit a snowbank as he tried to run it. He repeatedly declared that the authorities would have to “shoot [him]” if they intended to stop him from seeing the sheriff. That’s when authorities opened fire on the protester.

Finicum was in possession of a 9mm handgun but had not drawn the weapon. Authorities alleged that the shooting was “justified and necessary” as Finicum had allegedly reached for the firearm in his coat- a fact disputed by witnesses in the car and open to varying interpretations when viewing the aerial footage.

After Finicum was killed, police continued to lob flashbang grenades at the car as the passengers huddled and prayed for God to protect them from the gunmen waiting nearby.

There seems to be a pattern with regards to how conservative or rightwing confrontations occur. The federal government, often in cooperation with local or state forces, descend-upon those who view the government as having become overly-oppressive with the full weight of a militarized force while simultaneously showcasing the very breed of governmental tyranny about which such conservatives have long warned. When the dust settles, as in the case of Waco and Ruby Ridge, people are dead and the government gets busy spinning a narrative and omitting facts.

Meanwhile, Occupy Wall Street anarchists have been given wide berths to rape, murder and destroy property and Black Lives Matter has been welcomed to riot, burn and loot entire cities in the name of supposed “social justice.”

With the below video filmed from two angles, it’s clear that Finicum made himself a target for such deadly force. However, when viewing the execution below, one should consider who prompted this bloodshed. Was it the enraged cowboy who clearly articulated that he intended to proceed to the sheriff’s department? Or was it the group of militarized police who fired upon a vehicle full of passengers and who shot a man in the back?

Caution: The below video is disturbing.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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