Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner Didn’t Win Any New Friends with What He Said About Obama and Hillary

I’m not a huge fan of the ‘reality’ TV shows which serve no purpose than to allow people to play voyeur into the lives of others. I don’t care to Keep Up with the Kardashians. I don’t think there is anything ‘real’ about the Real Housewives of New York, Atlanta wherever. I don’t need a real-life soap opera to fill some void in my life.

But, as I was perusing the Internet this morning, something from one of the newest ‘reality’ TV shows, I Am Cait, which stars Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner, caught my attention. Specifically, it was a comment he made during the trailer for the second season that won’t sit too well with the LGBT ‘community’ who so desperately want him to abandon his conservatism and embrace their bullying, progressive ideology.

Jenner’s friends are not very happy because they expected him to trumpet the support of homosexual marriage. But, he has not.

One thing that he did do, however, is to remind them of an inconvenient truth that the left wants to ignore. That is the views that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama held regarding gay marriage until they flipped.

Jenner tells them, “Obama was against gay marriage. Hillary Clinton was against gay marriage.” It’s a stance that Obama and Hillary would rather people forget since it is not so politically expedient any more.

Before that, he said this zinger which brought shouts of ‘that is a lie’ from many on the bus with him. He contended, “Every conservative guy out there believes in everybody’s rights.”

Watch their reaction to those statements at approximately the 56-second mark. Just prior to that, one of his friends tells him that she was upset with his ‘lukewarm support’ of homosexual marriage. I guess it wasn’t enough that he supported it. He has to support it the way others want him to.

h/t Daily Caller

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