BRUTAL New Anti-RINO John McCain Ad Exposes Shady Saudi Money Ties [VIDEO]

John McCain (RINO-AZ) is in the fight for the survival of his political life this year, with polls showing only 26-percent of Arizonans approving of the abysmal job performance which led to McCain being embarrassingly censored by the Arizona GOP for his “liberal” voting record.

John McCain, 79, who replaced legendary Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater in 1987 and is Hillary Clinton’s favorite Republican, has two main Republican primary challengers, Arizona state Senator Dr. Kelli Ward and small businessman Alex Meluskey of Scottsdale. If, and it’s a big “if,” McCain survives the GOP primary, he will face off against leftist Democrat Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick in November.

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Alex Meluskey, who is also a radio host and advocate for abolishing the IRS, has a scathing new video ad set to hit the airwaves in Arizona which reveals RINO John McClain’s sleazy ties to big Saudi Arabia money — revealing that the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia mysteriously gave $1 million to “The McCain Institute Foundation,” John McCain’s version of the Clinton Crime Family Foundation.

“Saudi Arabia gave millions to the Clinton Foundation. They also gave a million to the John McCain Institute,” the ominous-sounding narrator says in the ad. “What commitments did they get in return?” the ad asks, throwing out “arms deals” and “ignoring human rights abuses” as possibilities.

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“It is a disgrace that John McCain has followed in the footsteps of the Clinton machine,” Alex Meluskey told PolitiStick regarding the new anti-McCain ad. “The people of Arizona are disgusted to find that foreign human rights abusers have more influence on their United States Senator than they do. When I’m elected, they will never have to question where my loyalties lie,” he promised.

In February, RINO McCain made the stunning statement that the best way to get information out of terrorists is to be their friends. Enjoy that Middle East money, John!

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