BRUTAL New Video Exposes Highlights of Sean Hannity’s Slobbering Lover Affair With Donald Trump

It’s Monday, the day before a GOP primary, in this case one day before the Wisconsin primary, and you know what that means. Trump cult cheerleader Sean Hannity is having Donald Trump on for a full-hour of wet slobbery kisses, hugs and probably a thrill or two up the FOX News host’s legs.

Sean Hannity, who along with fellow Trumpaloompas Eric Bolling, Andrea Tantoros, Kimberly Guilfoyle and others, has been among the most stringent defenders of the ongoing Trump train wreck — excusing every disgusting and outrageous thing he does (or completely ignores them) while stating repeatedly that he “has no horse in this race,” arguing that he just wants to see Hillary Clinton defeated by supporting the bombastic billionaire Trump, who personifies every negative caricature liberals have against Republicans — including the false charges of being racist, bigoted, mean-spirited, anti-women, etc. etc.

Credit Washington Free Beacon for putting together this embarrassing highlight reel of some of the most egregious suck-up questions like, “Were you really number one in your class?”

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We wouldn’t know, Sean, because like Obama, Trump has failed to release his college records (or his tax returns for that matter). But don’t expect Trump to be asked about this, or asked any other tough question that may paint the bloviating billionaire in anything but the most positive light.

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Matthew K. Burke
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