BRUTAL: Ted Cruz DESTROYS Hysterical Reporter on Issue of Felons Voting Democrat

Ronald Reagan faced different challenges than we have today. He faced a nation ravished by the disastrous economic and foreign policy decisions of a political weakling, much like we are enduring today, but he also faced the global threat of the Soviet Union and combatted a much more reasonable Democrat Party that while leftist, did not represent the sheer radicalism that defines the Democrat Party of today.

Texas Senator and 2016 Republican presidential contender Ted Cruz faces a different enemy today: an unholy amalgam of the Soviet mindset coupled with the infrastructure of the Democrat Party that seeks to radically transform America.

On Monday, Cruz pushed-back against Democrats who are pushing to allow felons to vote in elections. Citing a study while discussing the issue with Hugh Hewitt, Cruz claimed that the “overwhelming majority” of felons Democrats are hoping to reintroduce to the democratic process are, unsurprisingly, Democrats.

He claimed that there was a “simple and undeniable fact” that “the overwhelming majority of violent criminals are Democrats.”

Since that time, liberal media outlets have lashed-out at Cruz for willing to cite an inconvenient reality.

When ABC News caught-up with Cruz and dutifully sought to convey the leftist message, Cruz politely, but forcefully, schooled the reporter with unassailable logic.

Citing the facts and figures available, Cruz highlighted the fact that in New York, felons who registered to vote registered largely as Democrats with a whopping 62% going Democrat and 9% going Republican.

In New Mexico, this split was 55% Democrat, 10% Republican.

“Now, those are the facts and I understand that they’re uncomfortable facts,” Cruz quipped.

The woman interviewing Cruz passionately argued, but Cruz’s calm, reason-based approach to the issue only appeared to rile her more. At one point, the reporter called the study a “poll” but was soon forced to backtrack after Cruz reminded that this was an academic study.

Noting that the data was only for three states, the reporter maintained that there was no clear picture of felon voting patterns. Cruz calmly explained that this is the data provided and that with this sample, we can create a “reasonable inference” that other states that allowed felons to vote would see figures that were statistically in line with the aforementioned figures.

By this point, the obviously-overwhelmed reporter became hysterical, interrupting her interviewee with exclamatory statements and hurried attempts at rebuttals.

As the hysterical journalist ranted, Cruz calmly explained that this issue is startling because it illustrates a shocking pattern of behavior on the part of elected Democrats who seek to cement popularity with felons.

Truly, the above description in no way does the clip justice. In a respectful and articulate fashion, Cruz not only fortified and explained his position, but highlighted the tactics of the liberal media and illustrated how when facts and figures are inconvenient, the media is more than willing to succumb to hysterics and emotion.

Check out the clip below. It’s quite entertaining.

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Greg Campbell
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