Bully Obama Picking on 13-Year Old Critic, But the Teen Doesn’t Back Down [VIDEO]

Thirteen-year old CJ Pearson is seen by many as rising conservative star. Pearson began making a name for himself when he was 12 with a video critical of Barack Obama that went viral. Since then, Pearson has continued his public and vocal critique of Obama’s policies and actions. In addition, he now serves as chair for Teens for Ted as part of the Ted Cruz presidential campaign.

Most recently, CJ excoriated Obama’s decision to invite Ahmed Mohamed, the Muslim teen who was turned into a folk hero by the left. Mohamed brought what he claims was a clock that he invented to school. The problem is, it bore hardly no resemblance to a clock, but had similarities to a suitcase bomb. Many experts have also questioned whether this is something Mohamed really invented stating that it was simply a 1980s Radio Shack clock that was disassembled then reassembled somewhat.

Mohamed has since been tweeted to by Obama, invited to the White House, invited to Facebook headquarters and showered with lavish gifts from Microsoft.

Following this, CJ began circulating a petition to help himself get a sit down meeting face-to-face with Obama to discuss the issues. Perhaps this was the final straw because, according to CJ, he was blocked from the POTUS Twitter account.

According to CJ, when he went to Barack Obama’s official POTUS Twitter page, he discovered that he was blocked from following Obama’s Twitter feed or seeing his tweets. He included a screenshot of the message.


Of course, like clockwork, leftists lined up to call CJ a liar with one guy going to the trouble of putting together a video on YouTube accusing CJ of photoshopping the image. The dust-up over this must have irked Barack Obama and the White House because they actually released a statement denying that they blocked Pearson.

Frank Benenati, assistant press secretary, tweeted the denial.

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Team Obama also said that the official policy is that no one is blocked from official government accounts.

CJ did not back down from his claim. He posted a video on Facebook addressing the fact that the President of the United States and his cronies called him a liar by pointing out exactly how frequently Obama lies to the American people, yet he expects people to believe him on this.

Pearson didn’t stop there. He also took a dig at Obama in a separate Facebook post.

Screenshot 2015-09-24 at 10.28.24 AM


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