Burglar Ignores ‘We Don’t Call 911’ Sign Outside Home, Predictable Outcome Ensues…

There’s an old saying that one can hear quipped a gun shows once in a while: “an armed society is a polite society.” Of course, having a gun in one’s belt or purse does not eliminate the prospect of violence, but the simple fact is that if would-be robbers and rapists understood that there was a 50-50 chance someone was armed, they would likely be less inclined to ply their nefarious trade.

In the case of one determined burglar, he didn’t have to calculate the odds; he was given fair warning and still decided to rob a house. For that decision, the armed robber paid dearly.

When an armed burglar approached an Indiana home, he encountered a sign with a depiction of a handgun and a warning: “We Don’t Call 911.” Most would take that as a sign to move-on, but this determined burglar, armed with a gun, zip ties and a walkie-talkie, meant business.

He entered the house through the baby’s room and when the concerned mother heard noises, she grabbed a gun and went to investigate. Both she and the intruder shot at each other but thankfully, the burglar was as bereft of good aim as he was of commonsense and the mother got-off several good shots.

Both the mother and the baby were unharmed, but the criminal was rushed to the hospital. His condition is unknown.

“She heard the window get busted and she called her husband and said I think somebody’s breaking in the house,” Edsel Ballard, the woman’s father, said.

“He broke in through the baby’s window, ok, and when he was coming out the door, my sister was coming out her bedroom door, he aimed and shot at her first and then she shot him,” said Eddie Ballard, the woman’s brother.

Police stressed that these kinds of incidents are rare in the nice, quiet neighborhood in which the family resides. This serves as a reminder that one should always be vigilant. Even if one lives in a serene neighborhood, being prepared is important.

Such low-grade idiocy could be more-understandable in places like Chicago or New York, where gun ownership is considered a privilege and thus is rarer. But in a town in Indiana, the robber encountered a folksy sign that was clearly meant to indicate an unwillingness to become a victim.

“We Don’t Call 911” means “We have a gun and are prepared to use it.” Upon reading the sign, the burglar should have decided to rob someone else or, better yet, go get a regular job where the risk of being blasted by a Glock-wielding mother is remarkably slim.

Thank God for dumb criminals and thank God this mother had better aim than the scumbag burglar.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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