Business Legend Jack Welch: ‘The CRAZIEST Thing in This Election is People Calling Ted Cruz a Liar’ [VIDEO]

Jack Welch

In perhaps the craziest election season in decades, if not ever, singling out one item as the kookiest is virtually impossible.

However, Former GE CEO Jack Welch, widely considered one of the most successful businessmen in history, said that Donald Trump and Marco Rubio calling constitutional conservative Ted Cruz a “liar” without being able to back it up is the “craziest” thing of this election cycle.

Appearing on FOX News with host Neil Cavuto, Jack Welch said:

“The craziest thing in this election has been the idea of people calling Ted Cruz a liar. I’ve watched this guy for the last 18 months. The one thing this man is is straight and truthful. Truth and trust go with this guy. I wrote a book about Truth and Trust — this guy personifies it.”

Let’s take ethanol. He goes into Iowa with a six-term governor and tells them we’re through with subsidies.  Right straight in the eye — no one else gets there. They all come around to it — Rubio always comes around to Ted’s positions eventually.”

Jack Welch wasn’t shocked that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a failed RINO presidential candidate who led the Garden State to a record nine credit downgrades under his leadership, endorsed Trump saying that Christie is a “political animal” who is “interviewing for a job” in a presumed Trump administration since he will soon be looking for work.

“He needs a government check and he loves the political scene,” Welch said of Christie. “Once a political animal, always a political animal.”

Jack Welch summarized his support for Ted Cruz by applauding the Texas Senator for being the first to call out the corruption in Washington, D.C., in both parties, where politicians and crony lobbyists join together to benefit from big government at the expense of taxpayers. Cruz coined the term “Washington Cartel” to accurately describe this unholy alliance.

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“Ted Cruz is the first one to call this crowd a cartel — to call them for what they were — and that’s why I supported him,” Welch told Cavuto.


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