CA Gov. Moonbeam Signs 6 More Laws That Infringe on Second Amendment Rights

California Governor Moonbeam -- Jerry Brown

None would have done a damn thing to stop terrorist attacks — or criminals who don’t obey gun laws — but that won’t stop California Democrats from continuing to chip away at law-abiding Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

The Daily Caller reports:

California added six more gun control laws to the books Friday.

Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown signed six gun control bills Friday, just weeks after the Orlando nightclub attack left 53 wounded and 50 dead, including the shooter. The bills regulate ammunition, background checks and more, The Los Angeles Times reports.

The bills implement a range of regulations, including:

  • Background checks are now required to buy ammunition

  • Magazines that hold more than 10 bullets are illegal

  • Semiautomatic weapons with bullet buttons that allow quick reloading are banned

  • Guns can no longer be loaned without a background check, except to a close family member

  • A new database will track ammunition owners

Progressive leftist Democrats, also known as Communists, know that criminals don’t obey existing laws, but they just resist passing more of them anyway.

They also have a difficult time with plain words like “shall not be infringed.”

But hey, the people of California are stupid enough to keep electing the same people who take away their rights, so if they’re dumb enough to keep doing it, they get what they deserve.

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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