California Gun Licenses Dept. So Backed-Up From Demand, They’ve Stopped Doing This…

California is a state divided. While many laws extend from one end to the other, concealed carry laws and the practical application of them can vary quite a bit.

While San Francisco maintains severely anti-gun laws to prohibit law-abiding citizens from exercising their constitutional rights, Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones approves the most concealed carry applications in the state– a whopping 95%!

“We became very concerned that we couldn’t keep people safe, which is our mission,” Jones said.

Now, anyone with a clean criminal record can submit an application and though they still have to submit to the preposterous state requirements that include an interview and required training, they are almost certainly guaranteed a permit.

Already, 7,000 Sacramento County citizens have obtained a permit- compared to just two in San Francisco.

The number of permits has risen by a factor of 15 since 2009. However, Jones says that in his county, he has never had an issue with a lawful concealed carry holder.

The California Department of Justice (DOJ) has become so severely backlogged with requests for new permits and renewals that the bureaucrats have been forced to simply stop answering the phone.

Yes- the same government that insists that it is no particular burden for prospective gun owners to first obtain governmental permission to exercise their Second Amendment  rights is the same government that, through their inefficiency, has shuttered their doors and delayed countless permits and licenses.

According to an Ammoland report,

Turnaround times for Personal Firearms Eligibility Checks and Law Enforcement Gun Release Applications, along with common background checks for firearm acquisition, are seeing unprecedented delays.

The licenses and permits delayed include dangerous weapons permits, certificates of eligibility (“COE”), large-capacity magazine (LCM) permits, entertainment firearms permits, and centralized list of firearm dealers permits. Currently, the DOJ is issuing temporary permits to avoid any lapses in the renewal of licenses and permits.

Because of the flood of calls concerning these delays, DOJ has stopped answering its phones. There is a recorded message informing licensees and permitteees that it may take up to eight weeks in processing any renewals.

Generally, DOJ does not send out renewal notices until 30 days before the licenses or permits are set to expire.

All federal firearms licensees and permittees should review their permits and licenses for the expiration dates.

Licensees and permittees should have any necessary supplemental paperwork prepared up to two months before filing a renewal. Once the renewal notice is received from the DOJ, the necessary paperwork should promptly be submitted to ensure that there will be no lapses in any licenses or permits.

If a license or permit has expired and no renewal license or permit has been sent, make sure that you have a valid temporary license or permit from the DOJ in the meantime.

The vast California bureaucracy must prioritize. While this department must cower from the business they have been assigned, somehow, the welfare department marches on. Fair housing and immigration departments continue to answer their phones.

For an obvious reason, California’s government does not seem to prioritize the permitting department that exists as the gatekeeper of who does and does not get to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

Modern gun control efforts are not rooted in flat-out bans and wholesale confiscation of weapons; modern tyranny is the existence of bureaucracy situated between citizens and their rights.

If we are expected to first obtain government’s permission to exercise our rights, it is a tyrannical outrage.

This outrage, however, is further compounded when the government agency to whom we are supposed to report will no longer answer their phones.

As Martin Luther King once noted, “A right delayed is a right denied.”

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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