Can Treasonous Obama Even Politicize Thanksgiving? Yes He Can!

America-hating president Saul Alinsky Obama shamefully used Thanksgiving Day to demonize those Americans who disagree with his evil scheme to flood America with tens of thousands of Muslim migrants like those who recently committed the horrific Islamic terrorist acts against innocent people in Paris, France where 130 people were slaughtered in cold blood as Obama wondered what could be the barbarian savages motive.

Even though his own FBI director James Comey publicly proclaimed the futility of thinking Muslim Syrian refugees can be screened in a way to ensure they are not actually ISIS terrorists — it is an impossibility.

And even though it has been confirmed that one of the Muslim Syrian refugees took part in the Paris attacks, Obama used his bully pulpit to abuse the history of Thanksgiving by saying that Muslim terrorists, i.e., “Syrian refugees” who want to destroy America, are somehow exactly like the pilgrims who set sail on the Mayflower to come to America.

It’s shameful.

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“Nearly four centuries after the Mayflower set sail, the world is still full of pilgrims – men and women who want nothing more than the chance for a safer, better future for themselves and their families,” un-American Obama said in his weekly address Thursday. “What makes America America is that we offer that chance.”

Obama, a pathological liar who gets all wee-weed up over political opposition by fellow Americans, but speaks in subdued and emotionless tones about terrorism committed by Muslims, then bragged that his useful idiot and duped supporters have been writing him letters claiming to want to house the potential terrorists in their own homes, something Obama, an elitist, would never do.

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The Hill reported on Obama’s sinister ploy to tug at the American heartstrings:

“One woman from Pennsylvania wrote to me to say, ‘Money is tight for us in my household. … But I have a guest room. I have a pantry full of food. We can do this,’ ” Obama said.
“Another woman from Florida told me her family’s history dates back to the Mayflower — and she said that welcoming others is part of ‘what it means to be an American,’ ” he added.
Obama called for citizens to put the “generosity” of America on full display by welcoming refugees into the country with arms wide open.
“I hope that you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving, surrounded by loved ones and full of joy and gratitude,” he said. “And together, may we all play our own small part in the American story, and write a next chapter that future generations can be thankful for.”

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What we would all be “thankful for” is if Congress would get together and do it’s job, skipping impeachment proceedings and moving quickly ahead to charges of treason, for aiding and abetting America’s enemies.

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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