Who Can Win? Shocking New National Poll Results in the Presidential Race

Bombastic billionaire and reality TV star Donald Trump has made himself the presumptive nominee in the GOP presidential race. In fact, rumor has it that Trump will declare the race over after Super Tuesday, crowning himself the nominee, and will refuse to participate in any further debates.

As residents of 11 states are out voting on Super Tuesday, a new CNN poll has been released which will be seen as quite shocking by many and which could put a damper on Trump’s early victory party.

With Donald’s pal, Hillary Clinton, expected to win the Democrat nomination over avowed Socialist Bernie Sanders, the question is, can Trump beat Hillary? A new CNN poll says that Trump would not beat Hillary in the 2016 presidential race.

In a head to head contest with Hillary, Donald Trump was down significantly among registered voters 52% to 44%. That is a trouncing that would be devastating for someone who claims that all he does is win.

However, put Hillary in a head to head contest with Texas Senator Ted Cruz or Florida Senator Marco Rubio and the results swing to the Republican side for winning the presidency.

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Against Hillary, Cruz tops Hillary 49% to 48% while Rubio beats her 50% to 47%.

There is no mention, not surprisingly, of this new poll on Donald Trump’s Twitter feed, his favorite form of social media to communicate with the masses.



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Jennifer Burke
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