CBS Host: Nobody At the Party I Attended Last Night Cared About Clinton’s Emails


As the story goes, famed liberal film critic Pauleen Kael once questioned how Richard Nixon got elected when she, herself, only knew of one person who voted for him.

The story is not so cut-and-dry and as the now-famous assertion portrays, but the central gist remains the same: despite claiming to serve as the voice of the people, modern liberalism demands a remarkable detachment from society and an adherence to Groupthink. “How can (insert any conservative) be so popular? I certainly did not vote for him, nor did any of my friends!”

To be a devout liberal in today’s America, one must have an echo chamber. Hollywood is a perfect echo chamber for liberal fanaticism. While George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio jetset on private gas-guzzling jets to preach the supposed importance of reducing one’s carbon footprint, they (and countless other celebs) spend copious amounts of time endlessly agreeing with each other and asserting that their positions are the only moral choices.

Surrounded 24/7 by sycophants and fellow dedicated liberals, they likely never consider the fact that the people over whom they fly in their jets feel differently than they with regards to politics.

While it’s natural to gravitate to friends who share similar world viewpoints, sustaining liberal ideology demands much more: it demands a simultaneous embracing of Groupthink and purging of dissenting voices.

The Pauleen Kael example is famous in conservative circles. The story, however, is not exactly accurate as Kael’s actual position was not one of bafflement, but one of pride: she boasted of her insularity and the fact that she knew only a single Nixon voter.

Because, you know, liberals are totally into diversity (so long as it’s not diversity of thought).

However, Kael’s Nixon quote has gone down as an allegory about the out-of-touch nature of liberal culture. Now, a new queen of out-of-touch liberalism reigns…

On Thursday, CBS This Morning co-host Gayle King marveled at how people were still discussing Hillary Clinton’s treasonous violations of national security protocols.

Speaking with Face The Nation moderator John Dickerson about the Inspector General report that highlighted Clinton’s criminal acts, King asserted that it must not be a truly big deal as nobody at the party she attended the previous evening was concerned about her emails.

“So John, put it in perspective,” King began, “How big a deal is this really? I was at an event last night, and both Democrats and Republicans were quoting Bernie Sanders saying, ‘I’m sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails.’”

“But that was a long time ago, and he’s since changed some of that,” co-host Charlie Rose noted.

“Yeah, he has, but the people at this party last night haven’t, so how big a deal is it?” King asked.

“Is this going to improve anybody’s wages? Is this going to help their kid get into a college and not be full of debt for the rest of their life? No, but it’s about judgment and character,” Dickerson pointed out. “And we look at our presidents that way. And the challenge for Secretary Clinton is in the answers, are they going to raise new questions?

“In other words, when she says it was allowed and it was fine and I’ve been transparent and then you have an Inspector General, not just a political opponent, but an Inspector General saying the opposite thing, people are getting a fresh, realtime test of whether the candidate is shooting straight with them, and that’s a challenge for any candidate.”

By this logic, I should be able to assume that the Carolina Panthers do not have a single fan as I don’t know one. A million dollars does not exist anywhere because I haven’t seen it and Matt Damon is a fictional creature as I’ve never met him or known anyone who has.

As many (but still too few) are aware, Clinton, during her shameful tenure as Secretary of State, transmitted thousands of classified and top-secret documents over a private email account maintained on an unsecured, private server. Despite the fact that doing so was a breach of her employment contract, U.S. law and common-damn-sense, Clinton routinely transmitted America’s most-important national security secrets over a clandestine email account that could be hacked by any Chinese hacker with a half-hour to kill.

Her response to this scandal has varied. She began (as most scandals do) by destroying evidence. But that didn’t work. She then moved varyingly from “I did not do it” to “My staffers did it” to “Okay, I may have made some mistakes” back to “My staffers did it” to “This is a witch-hunt.” Now, we are on the “Are we still on this?” phase of liberal dodging.

To help her, the liberal media has worked to downplay the significance of the treasonous actions that jeopardized American policies, American lives and the lives of foreign assets who were foolish enough to trust our national security apparatus.

Hillary’s crime is not a breach of obscure campaign finance laws (a crime that conservative documentarian Dinesh D’Souza accidentally committed and had his life turned upside down as a result of a vengeful DOJ).

No, Hillary’s crime endangered lives and should warrant prison time, not a job promotion.

King may only associate with the truly braindead, but the rest of America that resides outside her bubble demands answers.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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