Charlie Daniels: Orwellian Hate Speech Laws Lead to Totalitarianism

(Excerpt from Charlie Daniels at CNS News) – The idea of the Thought Police originated in Orwell’s 1948 novel, 1984, where the government – in a dystopian future – prohibits certain types of speech.

I know there are those in America who believe that we should have hate speech laws prohibiting making hurtful statements concerning minorities and segments of the population, giving them special protection under the law.

Is it right to prosecute a person for what they think and give voice to? Is that not what hate speech laws would amount to?

While I dislike the hurtful statements as much as anybody, I vehemently disagree with passing any law that outlaws any speech except slander or yelling fire in a crowded theater. Once we start down that road, there are no stop signs between here and totalitarianism.

Does anybody believe that power hungry politicians would not use such legislation to their advantage and would seek to expand and proliferate it to snatch away more and more of our freedom of speech?

Is this not what every dictator does? They stifle free speech and instill fear to the point that ideas that do not coincide with the government’s are met with suppression and force and eventually the midnight knock on the door.

In a dictatorship, fear is the coin of the realm, and a fearful population is nothing more than a herd of sheep moved in any direction at the whim of he who holds the whip. And they will conform to almost any doctrine just to keep themselves and their families out of the gulag.

I know there are many of you reading this who think it’s preposterous to even suggest that this could happen in America. Well, a few short years ago those same people would have thought it preposterous to think that America would pass laws instituting hate crimes.

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