Charlotte Anarchists Announce Site of their Next ‘Protest;’ This Won’t End Well [VIDEO]

On Tuesday night, violent protests, which could be described as anarchy, erupted in Charlotte following the death of Keith Lamont Scott. Sixteen police officers were injured, numerous police vehicles were destroyed, highways and streets were blocked and a female truck driver was even trapped in her vehicle as “protesters” looted her truck and burned her cargo. While speaking on the phone to a reporter, she revealed that she was afraid for her life as her truck was being surrounded by the violent mob.

Despite the massive destruction and chaos, it doesn’t look like this is not the end.

WSOC-TV reporter Mark Barber tweeted, “Protesters say this isn’t the end. They plan to take protests to wealthy areas of Charlotte next.” He spoke with a man who participated in the mayhem the night before. The man shared that the next step for them is to take their “protests” to the suburbs in order to make people experience what they

“We need to go where the immediate threat is at, uh, whether it’s a threat or not, I just want us to go to the area where the gentleman lives and we can actually have the people with the money be concerned about the people without the money.”

Talk about confused speech. It’s an immediate threat that might not be a threat. I guess the “gentleman” he is referring to is the black police officer who was involved in the shooting, though he didn’t refer to his race since it doesn’t match their race baiting destruction. He instead shifts to making it about the classic Saul Alinsky model of the “haves vs. the have-nots” with their intention to protest in the suburbs. It should be noted that both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are Alinsky disciples.

The reporter then asks him if they plan to protest in the suburbs.

“Yes, ’cause I figure if we go hit them in their area then they’ll be more potentent (sic) to listen to what is going on in our area.”

Because nothing gets someone to be sympathetic to your plight than violence, destruction and terrorizing of a neighborhood. (Of course, I’m being facetious.)

Barber then says to him, “The protests here turned violent. Do you anticipate any rioting, any looting?”

Just to show what a complete disconnect from reality these “protesters” have, the man claims that last night’s protest was not violent because no one was shot.

“Naw. To me, that, that protest was not violent. If nobody got shot, nobody got hurt, that’s not violence to me.”

Check out his hypocritical response when the reporter tells him that an officer was hit with a rock and there were doors broken at a Walmart.

“At the present moment, they need to look at the circumstances. If you’re going to go tit for tat there’s going to be tit for tat on a constant basis. We want to cut it down. We want to make sure there’s not any more violence going on for them to know we’re serious about taking care of the whole city and not just one part of the city.”

Keep in mind, these words of needing to “look at the circumstances” comes from someone who participated in violent mayhem as an initial response without knowing all the details.

To add to the craziness, “taking care of the whole city” means potential riots in the suburbs to get their message out and you send a message that you don’t want any more violence by attacking other people and destroying personal property. Is that where we are in Obama’s America? Looks like it.

The man then listed the neighborhoods they will possibly target tomorrow which include the South Park area, Tivoli and Fairview. He then added, get this, that they are gathering AT A CHURCH to determine their actual target for violent “non-violent protests.)

WATCH as this anarchist discusses the plan for more mayhem with a target of wealthy areas. (article continues below video)

Welcome to Obama’s America. This is what happens when a community agitator is at the helm, not a leader.

Scott is being described ad nauseam in the media as being an “unarmed black man shot by police.” However, on Wednesday morning, Charlotte Police Chief Kerr Putney, who also happens to be black, said in a press conference that Scott not only had a gun, he refused to drop it despite being given clear and loud verbal commands, as heard as well by witnesses.

Chief Putney said that when Scott exited the vehicle, he still refused to drop his weapon and was determined to be a threat by Officer Brentley Vinson, who is also black, who fired his weapon. After Scott was shot, officers rushed to him, called for an ambulance, and started CPR. Ultimately, Scott succumbed to his injuries and passed away.

An investigation is still underway and Chief Putney said tapes are being reviewed.

This could be Ferguson, Missouri all over again with violence, destruction, and mayhem being predicated on a lie.

UPDATE: Now organizers are saying they are calling off the protest to focus on their own community. Are they being honest or is this just a ruse in order to not have organized police presence in their previously announced planned attack in the suburbs?

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