Charlotte Domestic Terrorists Tried to Put Unconscious Photographer Into a FIRE [PHOTO]

WHAT THE HELL? Hell is exactly where these people, and I use that term extremely mildly, are going.

Anarchists in Charlotte rendered a photographer unconscious then tried to throw him into a burning trash can. I repeat…

These Black Lives Matter domestic terrorists tried to throw an unconscious man into a fire!

I am freaking disgusted and sickened by this. These “people” are referred to as “demonstrators” and “protesters.” News media who denigrated the Tea Party simply say about this filth, “No one condones this violence, but…”


There is no freaking but! Every single person who is participating in this violent anarchy and mayhem should be arrested. Period. No excuses. No buts. No “you have to understand.”

YOU have to understand that this type of animalistic response has no place, none, in a civil society.

This is the very environment that Barack Obama created back in 2009 when he, without knowing all the facts, said “The Cambridge Police acted stupidly.”

This is on Barack Obama’s hands. It’s also on the hands of every single person who has condoned the increasing violence of the Black Lives Matter as simply being the actions of people who are angry. This is on the hands of everyone, from Al Sharpton to Jesse Jackson and Hillary Clinton, who perpetuated the “hands up, don’t shoot” lie of Ferguson from which this madness spawned.

Please pray for this TV crew who are now hospitalized, thanks to these people doing the devil’s work, when they were just trying to do their job. Pray for other reporters out there as well. Another one was intentionally knocked down earlier.

How the hell does this “start a conversation” or even get people to be sympathetic to you? And don’t tell me it was just a few. No one came to the aid of this man who was unconscious. If it wasn’t for the police coming to his rescue, he would have burned to death.

And to think, these “people” are protesting with an outcry of “oppression” and they just tried to burn someone to death after rendering him unconscious.

h/t The Right Scoop

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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