Charlotte has Burned Two Nights in a Row; So, What is Obama Tweeting?

For the last two nights, events in Charlotte have been out of control. Protesters quickly turned into violent domestic terrorists destroying personal property, setting fires, looting stores, attacking reporters, photographers, police, and other innocent bystanders in response to the officer-involved shooting of Keith Scott, a black man who was shot by a black officer after he did not heed commands to drop his weapon. The narrative told by the anarchists, however, is that Scott was reading a book, even though no book was found on the scene.

On Tuesday night, a truck driver feared for her life as her truck was surrounded by a mob of people who looted the contents of her truck and burned them in the middle of the street. More than 16 officers had to receive medical attention at the hospital due to attacks by the rabid mob.

On Wednesday night, a photographer was rendered unconscious by these domestic terrorists who then tried to throw him into a burning trash can. Another white man was targeted and attacked by a mob of black men who dragged him, kicked him, and stomped on him. A “protester” was shot by another “protester” and is fighting for his life.

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The situation in Charlotte is so out of control that a State of Emergency was called last night and the National Guard has been deployed for Thursday. But looking at Barack Obama’s Twitter account, you wouldn’t know that anything at all has been happening in Charlotte. One would be under the impression there is no unrest, violence, and destruction of a city at all, let alone two nights in a row.

Why is that? Because Obama has not made a peep about it on Twitter. He has not said one solitary thing about the chaos and violence in Charlotte. Instead, he’s busy tweeting trying to strong-arm Congress into confirming his Supreme Court choice, Merrick Garland, and about climate change.

On Wednesday, the day after the first night of mayhem and violence, Obama tweeted twice about climate change and twice about Merrick Garland.

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On Thursday, the day after the second night of violence and destruction, Obama has tweeted three times about Merrick Garland.

There are some who would say, “So what? Why is that a big deal?” Here is why it’s a big deal.

Barack Obama has used Twitter to push his campaign, his policies, and his agenda ever since he started his account when campaigning for president in 2007. He uses it as a mouthpiece and propaganda tool. His 77.5 million followers would have no idea that anything is happening in Charlotte since Obama, the current President of the United States, has not even so much as acknowledged it at all.

Again, he’s too busy pushes his SCOTUS nominee and climate change because, obviously, that’s more important that domestic terrorists tearing apart a city.



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