Check-Out the New Donald Trump Ad that the Washington Post Calls ‘Chilling’

In today’s backwards America, calling illegal immigration a crime is, somehow, an extreme act. Meanwhile, other trespasses remain condemnable such as burglary and breaking and entering.

But highlighting the illegality of illegal immigration remains off-limits for those who wish to remain in the good graces of liberals and the cowardly establishment GOP.

One such coward is 2016 presidential contender Jeb Bush, a former governor and member of the Bush dynasty who claims to be a Republican.

Bush has defended illegal immigration as “an act of love,” a statement that has come to haunt him as the moderate candidate begs and pleads with conservatives who have largely turned their back on the man who, as president, would likely continue the disastrous policies of amnesty implemented by Barack Obama.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, has made stopping illegal immigration a top selling-point of his campaign and it has resonated with the GOP’s conservative base. Trump has proposed building a wall along the Mexican border and strictly monitoring employment to compel illegals to move back to their homeland. He has also proposed ending birthright citizenship as a means of stopping “anchor babies”- babies born in the U.S. as a means to secure legal status for the parents.

As the first shot across the bow, Trump released an ad directly targeting Bush, showing a clip of Bush calling illegal immigration an “act of love” and juxtaposing his comments with pictures of illegals who have committed heinous crimes while remaining in America.

The ad has been praised by conservatives who feel marginalized by the GOP who continually turns to soft, establishment candidates over the vocal objections of the conservative base.

The ad has also been criticized by liberals and centrist Republicans who equate the ad to the famous “Willie Horton” ad, the brainchild of famed political strategist Lee Atwater and the model for modern day “attack ads.”

The Washington Post shared the ad and called it “chilling.” The Post accused Trump of taking Bush’s words out of context; however, in full context, the words demonstrated the point Bush had been trying to make: that illegal immigration, while a crime, should not be treated like other crimes as illegal immigrants, Bush asserted, are simply trying to make a better life.

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What Bush forgot to mention, however, is the detrimental effect millions of illegals have on our economy as well as the devaluing of law and order. Further, the open border has allowed millions of criminals into the U.S. and an unknown quantity of violent offenders from Central and South America who can begin anew in our country.

Rather than attempt to claim that Trump had mischaracterized Bush’s statement, however, the Bush Campaign shot-back a rebuttal, claiming that Trump is not a true conservative.

“While Donald Trump was still supporting liberal, soft-on-crime politicians, Jeb Bush accumulated an eight-year record of cracking down on violent criminals as governor of Florida,” said Bush spokeswoman, Kristy Campbell. “Mr. Trump’s immigration plan is not conservative, would violate the Constitution and cost hundreds of billions of dollars, which he will likely attempt to pay for through massive tax hikes.”

It may be true that a wall would be costly; however, with the national savings accumulated after having removed the millions of illegals who suck from the national economy and send this money out-of-country, the short-term expense is a no-brainer. Further, it is laughable that the Bush campaign would dare to lecture anybody on what is and what is not a “conservative” position.

Take a look at the ad below. What do you think?

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