Check Out the Walmart Thanksgiving Commercial that Progressives Will HATE [VIDEO]


We live in an America today where Christians are routinely ridiculed and attacked.

We live in an America today where even Barack Obama works to pit Americans of different ethnicities against each other. The Black Lives Matter anarchist movement seeks to destabilize and destroy society and they do so with the blessing of progressive leftists who need to have victimization and chaos in order to work to maintain control over people.

We live in an America where NFL players protesting against the country and the American flag, led by San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, by holding up their fists like Black Panthers or sitting or kneeling during the National Anthem are revered while former NFL player Tim Tebow was insulted for daring to kneel in giving glory to God after a big play.

We live in an America where the military and our nation’s police are often demonized as murderers and demeaned though they put on their uniform every day to protect and serve.

That makes this year’s Thanksgiving commercial by Walmart, which is also a frequent target of the Left, all the more heartwarming and bold. The ad, which originally aired during the World Series, celebrates the diversity of America but not in such a way that people are compartmentalized and divided.

Walmart features families gathered at the dinner table, praying, and giving thanks for things that have been special for them. One of the most powerful moments of the 30-second ad is one that Black Lives Matter and their ilk will not like since it breaks down the barriers of race and skin color with one powerful statement.

As the ad shifts to a group of people in the military, a black female soldier says, “No matter what color we are, no matter what uniform we got on, you guys are my family.”

On their YouTube video that features the commercial, Walmart has the following statement.

America, let’s come together and take a moment to reflect on what we’re truly thankful for this holiday season. Friends, family and the chance to spend time with the ones we love. Walmart would like to give thanks to all of our Veterans and Active Duty Service Members at home and oversees this holiday season.

Thank you, Walmart, for this touching commercial. In the midst of all the hatred, negativity, and attacks, it is nice to witness a major company put out such a powerful message in reminding Americans what is truly important; focusing on what binds us together not giving into those trying to tear this country apart.

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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