Chicago Cubs Star is Asked If He Would Visit Trump’s White House; his Answer? Perfect

Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo

The media has such an obsession with sowing dissension among Americans and vilifying President Donald Trump that even TMZ is getting in on the action.

As Chicago Cubs star first baseman Anthony Rizzo was simply trying to walk through the LAX airport after a relaxing vacation, a TMZ reporter decided it would be a good idea in this era of massive Trump Derangement Syndrome to badger Rizzo to get his take on the six New England Patriot players who are boycotting the team’s visit to the Trump White House following their comeback win in Super Bowl 51.

The reporter, putting his adoration of Barack Obama on full display, approached Rizzo and said, “You guys recently went to the White House, it was a big deal, you know. You got to meet Obama. I’ve got to ask, what do you think about the Patriots. A lot of them are not going. They’re protesting.”

Rizzo and the Cubs visited the White House in January following their World Series victory, the first for the team since 1908. He responded, “To each their own, right?”

Not satisfied with that answer, the TMZ reporter had to lay it on thick regarding Obama, prodding whether Rizzo felt he “lucked out” being able to go to the White House during Obama’s presidency.

“Yeah, but, as far as like a moment, you know. Do you guys feel like you guys lucked out getting the last one with Obama, for a professional team?”

Lucked out getting the last one with Obama? Uh, TMZ reporter, Obama is just a man. Contrary to how the left portrays him, he is not a god or God’s gift to mankind.

Rizzo, looking a little perturbed with his body language, responded, “I think anyone who gets to go to the White House is lucky.”

That still was not good enough for the TMZ reporter who embarrassed himself as an Obama lapdog. He continued to press. He had to know if the president during the Cubs visit had been anyone but Obama if Rizzo and others from the team would have boycotted.

“If it hadn’t been Obama, you guys rushed in and broke the record to be able to fit in Obama before he left. If it hadn’t been Obama, do you think a lot of guys on Chicago wouldn’t have gone?”

So, let me get this straight. This guy, who wants to be taken seriously as a reporter, basically believes that the Cubs won the World Series when they did for Barack Obama so that they would be the last sports team to visit the White House under his presidency. It’s not that the guys wanted to win and worked hard all season to accomplish that goal. They did it for Obama….or something.

Rizzo, who for a moment turned away from the camera, turned back to the reporter and told him that he’s not a politician, he’s an athlete. The reporter shot back, “So, for you, it wouldn’t have mattered either way?”

The response by Anthony Rizzo to that question was simple, yet powerful. He made it clear that he would not have boycotted a White House visit with President Trump by simply pointed to his shirt that read “TEAM USA.”


I know allegiance to America and not one man by the name of Barack Obama, saluting the flag and not bowing down to Obama, is a tough concept for liberals. Maybe the TMZ reporter thought Rizzo would have the same sycophantic allegiance to Obama that he has since Rizzo does play for Chicago, Obama’s “adopted hometown.”

He was wrong.

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Jennifer Burke
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