BRUTAL: Chris Wallace SHREDS Hillary Apologist Over EmailGate [VIDEO]

“I expect more from you.”

FOX News’ Chris Wallace, host of Fox News Sunday, went full-on pit bull on Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff (Commie – CA), taking a virtual chunk out of Schiff’s leg when the Hillary Clinton apologist continually tried to use the “everybody does it” excuse (a common defense of corrupt politicians) — that Hillary Clinton’s EmailGate scandal is somehow comparable to the way another secretary of state, Colin Powell, handled his emails.

Wallace, and good for him, smacks down Schiff’s repeated “but Colin Powell” cries, reminding him that Colin Powell is not running for the presidency and that rules at the State Department got more stringent in “2005, 2006, and 2011.”

You could see where Schiff was going with this, the “sexism card,” that poor Hillary is getting picked on because she’s a woman. It’s utter b.s. and Wallace wasn’t going to let pitiful Schiff get away with it.

Awesome job, Chris! This is definitely one of Chris Wallace’s finer moments.

“First of all, we have shown that it is different and secondly, I think it’s frankly a red herring, sir, and I expect more from you.”


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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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