Christian Cleansing Begins at This American University; Pews Replaced With Prayer Rugs

As Obama and their godless leftist ilk continue their War on Christianity, while continuing to preach the facade that Islam, the religion that is responsible for almost all terrorism in the world, is the “religion of peace,” the Islamization of America continues in full force.

At Wichita State University in Kansas, right in the middle of the American Heartland, where Christian students outnumber Muslims by an over 14-1 margin, Muslims have overtaken the Christian prayer chapel on campus — the Harvey D. Grace Memorial Chapel — with pews being replaced with Muslim prayer rugs. Muslims are labeling anyone opposed to the move, much as Obama himself might label Christians, as “Islamophobes,” an invented term used to vilify anyone opposed to Sharia Law and its tenants of intolerance and hate, as well as calling anyone critical of the anti-Christian policy as being guilty of “hate speech.”

The renovation of the memorial chapel was cleansed of any reference to Christianity or Jesus Christ, leading to a backlash in social media and with some Wichita State donors and alumni to the university who are appalled at the move threatening to withdraw their support of the university over this purge of Christianity.

Muslim prayer rugs inside the previous Christian chapel at Wichita State University. Image Credit: The Wichita Eagle

Muslim prayer rugs inside the previous Christian chapel at Wichita State University. Image Credit: The Wichita Eagle

The Wichita Eagle reported about the firestorm that erupted on social media after alumni began to learn about the school’s blatantly pro-Islamist stance:

But dozens of Wichitans off campus this weekend learned about the renovation.

“And that set off the firestorm,” said Wichita State alum Jean Ann Cusick, who started it with a Facebook post Friday.

Donors to the university, alumni and others began posting Facebook comments on her page, and contacting WSU administrators.

Students reposted Cusick’s post and resulting comments on their own Facebook pages. Other students posted in answer.

“And the hate answered the hate,” Cusick said.

“Why did they have to take out all the pews?” Cusick said.

The decision, she said, marginalized Christians.

“This is Islamophobia,” said Wichita State’s student body president Joseph Shepard, a church-going Christian. “It’s coming from off-campus, not from the students here. “They say we’ve taken a place of Christian worship and turned it into what they call a mosque.”

After being caught in the middle of the outrage, after the move was exposed, Wichita State president John Bardo hinted that now further “renovations “may be done to attempt to please everyone, an impossible task, to alter the initial changes that were made in May.

“I don’t think that change (the renovation done in May) was undertaken with enough consideration of the feelings of all elements of the campus and broader community,” Bardo wrote on Facebook on Tuesday.

One of the Muslims on campus, one of the 600 students from Saudi Arabia, a country that treats women as sub-human, had an intolerant and hateful message for those opposed to the anti-Christianity bigotry, “Defending your religion is dangerous.”

“How would you feel if I said that because you are a Christian that you are bad?” said Al-ruwaili, one of about 600 international students from Saudi Arabia.

He had just prayed the Salat in Grace Chapel, kneeling with Azad on a rug on the floor.

“Defending your religion is dangerous.”

The Harvey D. Grace Memorial chapel was completed in 1964 and was to be made open to all creeds and races at the university. It is doubtful that original intent included the takeover of the facility by Muslims.

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