Christians, Homosexuals and Women Fleeing Asylum Centers in Germany

If we are to have a discussion about the plight of homosexuals, we should definitely include the victimization of homosexuals at the hands of Muslims. If we are to discuss the supposed “war on women,” no such discussion would be complete without a discussion about the treatment of women in the Middle East and the treatment of women in Europe as Muslim refugees continue to flood Europe and bring their own blend of misogyny and abuse.

Because of the left’s incredible tolerance for the kinds of abuses that should not be tolerated, Christians, women and homosexuals are reportedly fleeing asylum centers where Muslim refugees are relocating out of fear of the assaults and prejudices that have become painfully common.

Muslim men have embraced their adopted country by tearing-up Bibles, assaulting homosexuals and committing a tremendous amount of sexual assaults against women in recent months as Germany struggles to deal with the consequences of their disastrous open-border policy that allows fleeing refugees and potential terrorist entrance to central Europe.

According to German newspaper Die Welt, the violence is causing the aforementioned groups to flee asylum centers

Breitbart reports:

In Stuttgart a case of abuse toward an Assyrian Christian by a Muslim roommate led to a petition for separate housing that was signed by over 17,000 people online. The petition, organised by the Central Oriental Christians, asked the City of Stuttgart to, “please accommodate the displaced Christians in Stuttgart-Neugereut and keep them from further distress and persecution to which they are exposed in a decentralised accommodation.”

The matter was brought to the city and a separate asylum centre for 30 Christians was approved by the council. Spokesman for Stuttgart Sven Matis told the paper that after speaking to the district assistant they would be able to approve accommodation for the 30 Christians in Neugereut by the end of April.

Unbelievably, some are already blaming the right for the outcry regarding the refugees and their crimes.

In today’s Guardian newspaper, columnist Owen Jones blames the “far right” for instability across Europe, lumping thousands of criminal migrants sparking a crime wave across the continent with Jews who fled Nazi Germany. He writes: “And who is waiting, preparing and consolidating? Europe’s far right, already feeding off the despair of economic crisis and a backlash against refugees fleeing violence from the Middle East. Where once the principal target was Jews, now it’s Muslim”.

To be clear: the fascists unfairly blamed Jews within their own country for crimes that were not committed under the principle of some fictitious Jewish conspiracy.

In cities like Cologne, however, the exact opposite is true; the authorities conspired to hide the crimes of the refugees out of fear of provoking anti-Muslim sentiment for the rampant assaults and vicious crimes that had been perpetrated by the Muslim refugees.

Can the left not see the difference? Or do they just not want to?

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