Christie’s Criticism of Trump Will Leave You Thinking ‘Ain’t that the Pot Calling the Kettle Black!’

If there is one thing that New Jersey Governor and 2016 GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie is known for it’s his tendency to fly off at the handle and berate others. Whether a reporter or a constituent, if Christie doesn’t like the line of questioning, the insinuation, or is just generally in a bad mood, he will degrade and attack the questioner.

That is why his criticism of Donald Trump, the real estate mogul and current frontrunner in the pack of GOP presidential candidates, is so baffling.

On Thursday, Christie appeared On the Record with Fox News’ Greta van Susteren. While the topic of conversation included Christie’s campaign strategy, and the relationship between the candidates, the two also specifically discussed The Donald, who many a political pundit are surprised is still leading the pack, despite numerous comments that they thought for sure would derail his campaign.

After Christie explained that he believed the fact that there are so many governors running, individuals who have worked together throughout the years, has ‘lowered the temperature’ in the race since they know each other and set a different tone, van Susteren asked him about Trump.

She inquired, “Do you dare take a swipe at Trump? He doesn’t take the first swipe, but if you take the first swipe at him, he’s going to nuke you.” That is when Christie made a curious and, quite honestly, hypocritical response given his past and his temperament.

Christie began, “The bottom line is, this isn’t about Donald Trump. It’s about me, and I’ve taken the position with the media, and I think Marco Rubio has done the same thing, I’m not going to answer every crazy thing that Donald says. I’ve known him for a long time, probably longer than anyone else on that stage. I’ve known him for 13 years.”

Then, he went in for the hypocritical kill. He said, “Donald’s a great guy and a good person. I just don’t think he’s suited to be president of the United States.

The blatant and laughable hypocrisy of Christie continued after van Susteren asked why.

I don’t think his temperament is suited for that and I don’t think his experience is. He’s got great experiences doing things in business, but I’ll give you a perfect example. If he doesn’t get what he wants from Rep. John Boehner (R-OH), he can’t fire him.  He can’t say ‘Mr. Speaker, you’re fired. Mr. Majority Leader you’re fired.’ You have to learn to work. I just don’t think it best utilizes his skills. But I’m not going to respond to everything he says, and that’s why you haven’t seen me do that. This is about me getting my message out to the American people, not worrying about Donald.”

Chris Christie wants to talk about temperament? Perhaps he should Google or Bing his own name to remind himself of when his own temperament got out of control.

Granted, Christie may not be in Trump’s league when it comes to going on the defense in a bombastic and degrading manner. But, he is just as guilty of his fair share of hot head moments.

Christie may want to find another criticism of Trump to explain why he believes he would not be best for the United States in the role of the presidency. His current argument of Trump’s temperament just brings into question his own temperamental issues.

h/t Breitbart

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