Chuck Woolery Reminds Us That Clintons are Old Pros at Cronyism and Corruption

Much has been made, and rightfully so, about the corruption and cronyism at the Clinton Foundation, a money laundering operation masquerading as a charity. Seemingly every day the past week, we’re peppered with new reports of how Hillary Clinton gave favorable treatment to mega-donors of the Clinton Foundation while serving as Obama’s secretary of state.

Selling access and favoritism to the highest bidder is nothing new for the Clintons, as those of us who were of adult age during Bill Clinton’s administration clearly remember. But for those of us who are younger — or need to be reminded — game show legend Chuck Woolery, a principled constitutional conservative, reminded us on Twitter about one of the Clinton’s most shameful scandals.

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As The Weekly Standard reported, current Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe (that’s right, the same fella that wants felons to vote), devised the scheme to turn American History, via the Lincoln Bedroom in the White House, into a cash cow for the Clinton’s as a way for Democrat donors to buy access:

In 1993, Terry McAuliffe authored a memo that would essentially turn the Lincoln Bedroom in the White House into a hotel for top campaign donors. It would “be an excellent opportunity to energize our key people for the upcoming year,” McAuliffe wrote. Now McAuliffe, who is currently the governor of Virginia, is defending the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation’s acceptance of foreign cash.

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As we have learned with the Clintons over the years, it’s all about the money. So using the Clinton Foundation as their personal slush fund and selling access to foreign cronies while at the State Department is par for the course for Hillary Clinton — and for Bill Clinton too for that matter.

It’s nothing new as Chuck Woolery reminds us.

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