After He Leaks News of Possible Muslim Uniform Exemption, There’s Hell to Pay

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Nick Pinella is a cadet at The Citadel who is also reportedly an intern for the Donald Trump presidential campaign. He’s come under fire from the public military academy, not for his political leanings or who he is supporting for president but rather for news that he leaked on Facebook that the Citadel obviously did not want to get out.

On April 13, Pinella made a post on Facebook that exposed that The Citadel was considering an exemption from their military dress code for a female, Muslim cadet which would allow her to wear a hijab.

In addition to exposing this possibility, Pinella added to his post, “If I valued liberal ideology, I would go to UC Berkeley.” Outrage ensued from people around the country as well as a heated debate from Citadel current cadets and alumni. The Citadel also lashed out…at the cadet.

According to Pinella, who is a senior political science major, he is now facing disciplinary action from The Citadel. He says that initially, the public military college threatened to charge him with “behavior unbecoming of a cadet.” This is a Class 1 offense and could have resulted in his dismissal from the school.

Instead, he says the school reduced the charge to “gross poor judgment.” He was also given the maximum punishment of  40 “tours”  requiring him to march with a rifle in the barracks quad for 50 minutes in complete silence. This amounts to 33 hours of marching outdoors all because he exposed the university’s potential compliance with Shariah law in taking into consideration allowing a female Muslim cadet to wear a hijab, breaking dress code protocol.

This is a pure case of the purveyors of the false god of political correctness reaching its tentacles into the bastions of our military academies. While we have Christians being sued by their own government for exercising religious freedom in refusing to bake a cake for a homosexual wedding, we have a public military college considering altering its military dress code to accommodate a Muslim student.

So, who is under attack in this country? I’ll give you a hint. The people being attacked, judged, ridiculed, punished, and sued are those who believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Welcome to Obama’s America.

h/t Pamela Geller

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Jennifer Burke
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