Civil Disobedience Triumphant: LESS THAN 5% of New Yorkers Complying with NY Anti-Gun Law

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When New York rushed to pass their flagrantly unconstitutional anti-gun law, popularly known as the SAFE ACT, it was commonly believed that a portion of gun owners would disregard the law and refuse to register their firearms that had been reclassified as “assault weapons.”

[/vc_column_text][banner300 banner=”5517620b381df”][vc_column_text]Democrats in the Empire State huffed and puffed and asserted that they would root-out scofflaws, but Second Amendment advocates persisted to quell these demands, noting that patriots are not obliged to comply with unconstitutional laws that are contrary to our inalienable rights codified in the Bill of Rights.

New York officials got quieter and quieter about the issue as it became more and more apparent that not only were gun owners not abiding by the new system, but that authorities could do little about it.

In short: it appeared as if civil disobedience worked.

Now, new stats show that only a tiny fraction of the so-called “assault weapons” residing within New York State have been registered.

Though authorities were slow to release the information, stats show that after two-and-a-half years, only 23,847 residents have applied to register their “assault weapons.” A total of 44,485 weapons have been registered for the convenience of authorities who will, undoubtedly, end up seizing them at some point in the future.

While this may seem like a lot, New York officials have estimated that New York residents were in possession of roughly 1 million of these firearms deemed to be “assault weapons,” which means that less than 4.5% of the weapons out there have been registered with authorities.

36% of the gun registrations came from New York City while upstate New Yorkers account for single-digit rates.

[/vc_column_text][banner300 banner=”553157113d3ff”][vc_column_text]Officials had hoped to keep this information under wraps, but a judge ordered the information released last month after a lawsuit filed against State Police and Gov. Cuomo.

Stephen Aldstadt, president of the Shooters Committee on Political Education noted, “I am not surprised by these numbers. This law was passed in the middle of the night, with no input from law enforcement, mental health professionals, or any other stakeholder. The majority of county and local governments have called for its repeal. This is an example of a bad law, and it undermines the citizens’ respect for the law.”

Aldstadt said the news was “not unexpected. I travel all over the state and heard over and over again from gun owners they would not be registering their guns.”

Discussing the compliance rate, Aldstadt said, “In a perfect world, I would like to see zero.”

Unconstitutional laws are not, as a matter of fact, laws. Those who revere the Constitution have a moral duty to themselves and their families to retain whatever means of protection they feel is necessary and this duty supersedes any law that does not respect the Constitutional protection afforded by the Second Amendment.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
An unapologetic patriot and conservative, Greg emerged within the blossoming Tea Party Movement as a political analyst dedicated to educating and advocating for the preservation of our constitutional principles and a free-market solution to problems birthed by economic liberalism. From authoring scathing commentaries to conducting interviews with some of the biggest names in politics today including party leaders, activists and conservative media personalities, Greg has worked to counter the left’s media narratives with truthful discussions of the biggest issues affecting Americans today. Greg’s primary area of focus is Second Amendment issues and the advancement of honest discussion concerning the constitutional right that protects all others. He lives in the Northwest with his wife, Heather, and enjoys writing, marksmanship and the outdoors.

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