A Clear Case of Jihad in America, So Why is No One Talking About It?

Washington Governor, Democrat Jay Inslee

A prison guard from Washington is trying to learn how to walk again as he recovers from serious head injuries suffered when a Muslim inmate attempted to behead him.

Terry Breedlove is a correctional officer at Clallam Bay Correctional Facility. He was attacked by 28-year old Muslim inmate Abdinjib Ibraham on January 25 and suffered a serious brain injury. Though the attack was horrifying, few in the media are speaking about it. But, according to eyewitnesses, the attack by Ibraham was clearly another case of jihad in America.

Brian King, chief criminal deputy for the Clallam County Sheriff’s Office, said that Ibraham yelled Allahu Akbar, the phrase typically uttered by Islamic terrorists, twice. He yelled it once when he hit Breedlove, and a second time during the attack.

An MRI shows that the attack left Breedlove with injuries to two vertebrae. Though he can stand, he has difficulty beyond that point and must learn how to walk again. His mother, Joanne Spaulding, said, “He’s going to be here longer, I think.”

In addition to his inability to walk, Breedlove suffers from head pain, dizziness, and memory loss. He has had 17 staples in his head, including 12 above his right eye.

Image Source: Pamela Geller

Image Source: Pamela Geller

The facility, which houses 900 inmates, has been on lockdown ever since the attack. All prisoners are in their cells and no visitors are allowed. The Peninsula Daily News reports on how the attack occurred as well as what has happened to the Islamic terrorist since the attempted beheading of Breedlove.

Breedlove was on duty in a medium-security portion of the prison when he was attacked, Anderson said.

Ibraham had pried a round metal seat off a stool in a cell and repeatedly hit Breedlove over the head with it until other inmates stopped the attack, investigators have said.

Security cameras were not working at the time, investigators have said.

Prison officials said the cameras have since become operational.

Ibraham, who was serving a King County sentence for four counts of vehicular assault, driving under the influence, second-degree taking a motor vehicle and first-degree robbery, has been transferred to Walla Walla.

While Breedlove’s mother has said the prison system has been great with assigning a guard to her son’s bed as well as the outpouring of support from other officers, she does have concerns about the safety of officers and questions for Democrat Governor Jay Inslee.

When Governor Inslee called to offer his condolences, Spaulding asked, “Why was he [her son, Breedlove] alone if the cameras are not working?” She is also troubled by the fact that an inmate was able to pry the head off of a metal stool. Spaulding wants the governor’s office to investigate though a spokesman for the governor’s office said they are not planning their own separate investigation since a criminal incident review is being undertaken by the Department of Corrections.

Breedlove is alive today because inmates stepped in to save him and notify other officers of what was happening. Speaking about the inmate who stopped the attack, Spaulding said, “If that prisoner hadn’t stepped in, my son would be dead.” She added, “He held his head out of the blood. I thank God for him.”

Pamela Geller, who had a fatwa (call for her death) issued against her after her ‘Draw Mohammad’ cartoon contest in Texas, does not believe the cameras were non-functional on the day of the attack. Instead, she thinks that claim is part of a cover-up by Washington State.

I have been told “off the record” by different sources, that the cameras did function that day and the prison officials lied about them not functioning camera’s but having turned them on the next day. 

The video will be damning and the video of the inmates saving this officer’s life must be shown.
We know there is video — was it destroyed? Who obstructed justice and why isn’t there a full-on investigation?

One commenter said, “The entire building didn’t have a single camera in it until a couple years ago when another officer was killed by a medium security inmate at another facility.”

And we are expected to believe the cameras weren’t working?

One thing is certain, few in the media are talking about this new case of jihad in America. Do you smell a cover-up?

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