Clinton Campaign Caught in Another MAJOR Lie on EmailGate [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton just can’t help herself. She’s a liar. She lies easily and frequently. Her number one concern is protecting her quest for power, control, and money. That’s why for the last year she has lied through her teeth over and over again regarding her use of an unsecured, private email server that was housed in someone’s bathroom.

Her lies are well-documented and she very obviously nurtured a culture of lying. After all, what difference does the truth make if you can convince people to believe a lie, right?

Case in point is this. During the congressional hearings in which FBI director James Comey was questioned regarding his lengthy and detailed point by point indictment of Hillary Clinton which culminated in him basically saying Hillary is above the law and he would therefore not recommend indictment, Comey made on thing perfectly clear.

Hillary Clinton’s attorneys who reviewed her emails, more than 100 of which were classified, did not have security clearance. Period.

Here is questioning by Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz during which Comey made this admission.

Again, Hillary’s attorneys who reviewed her emails did not have security clearance.

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But, that reality did not Hillary’s press secretary, Brian Fallon, from going on social media to spread yet another lie about Emailgate.

So, is Fallon calling the FBI director a liar or is he simply spreading lie-based propaganda because truth is an inconvenience for his insanely corrupt candidate?

He was immediately called out for his lie on Twitter by people on the Left and Right side of the political aisle.

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There’s no doubt, despite this new colossal lie, the DemocRAT talking point that we will hear from pundit after pundit will be based upon Fallon’s lie.

After all, what difference does it make? Right, Killary?

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Jennifer Burke
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