REPORT: Clinton Foundation Failed to Disclose Foreign Donations From at Least 8 More Countries

After Obama nominated his former 2008 Democrat primary opponent, Hillary Clinton, to be his first secretary of state, the Clinton Foundation promised to no longer accept foreign donations through the Clinton Global Initiative and to report increases from current donors and new donors to the State Department because of potential conflicts of interests or appearance thereof.

But on Friday, Reuters reported that the Clinton Foundation has confirmed that it received a $1 million gift from the small Arab country of Qatar, a country with strong ties to radical Islamic terrorism, and that the State Department was not informed of the gift while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.

The $1 million “gift” was given in 2011, as a gesture to mark the 65th birthday of former Democrat president and serial woman abuser, Bill Clinton.

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Furthermore, other countries either became new contributors or increased funding to the Clinton Foundation and those activities also broke the agreement to notify the State Department.

As Reuters reported:

At least eight other countries besides Qatar gave new or increased funding to the foundation, in most cases to fund its health project, without the State Department being informed, according to foundation and agency records. They include Algeria, which gave for the first time in 2010, and the United Kingdom, which nearly tripled its support for the foundation’s health project to $11.2 million between 2009 and 2012.

Foundation officials have said some of those donations, including Algeria, were oversights and should have been flagged, while others, such as the UK increase, did not qualify as material increases.

The foundation has declined to describe what sort of increase in funding by a foreign government would have triggered notification of the State Department for review. Cookstra said the agreement was designed to “allow foreign funding for critical Clinton Foundation programs” to continue without disruption.

The State Department told Reuters that it had “no record” of being informed by the Clinton Foundation of any increases in support from a foreign government.

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Reuters reported that a WikiLeaks email leak revealed that the foundation received a whopping $21 million related to Bill Clinton’s 65th birthday “present.”

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