Clinton Foundation HACKED by Guccifer 2.0; Info Revealed is DAMNING

At 3 am Eastern on Tuesday morning, many awaited in eager anticipation for an announcement by Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. The speculation was that it Assange would break some massive news about Hillary Clinton that would take down her campaign in an October Surprise. Instead, it was simply an announcement regarding the 10 year anniversary of Wikileaks.

The Hillary Clinton campaign likely breathed a sigh of relief, that is until Tuesday afternoon when another world-renowned hacker, Guccifer 2.0, released a massive number of files that he acquired after hacking into the server for the Clinton Foundation.

Among the information gleaned by Guccifer 2.0 is a list of file folders with one that should concern every American, regardless of political party. There is a ‘Pay to Play’ folder, the very thing that Hillary Clinton and her campaign have denied as they have been accused of blurring the lines between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department and using the foundation to give special treatment in the government to its donors. Notice, as well, the number of folders referencing Democrats and Democrat Party.


A file which appears to include Pay to Play information from Hillary Clinton’s foundation was also shared by Guccifer 2.0. Companies are listed with the amount of TARP dollars they received from the federal government and a Democrat or the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is also listed with the amount they received from these companies.


Guccifer 2.0 said hacking into the server was not difficult as there weren’t many security measures to prevent outside access to the server. That shouldn’t be surprising since Hillary Clinton transmitted top secret and classified government information on an illegal, unsecured private email server that was housed in someone’s bathroom.

The number of documents that he gained access to, according to Guccifer 2.0, are far too many to include in his article. So, he has a link to some of his docs as well as the password to access them within his article.

Check out Guccifer 2.0’s findings in his article HERE.

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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