‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Now Seeking $15 Million and an Apology

In September, a kid brought a “suitcase clock” to school for an unknown reason. Allegedly wanting to show off his “invention,” the young man simply disassembled a store-bought alarm clock and placed the components in a briefcase in a manner resembling a bomb.

As we live in an age of “zero tolerance” in schools where kids who even draw a gun are hauled-off to the principal’s office, it’s unsurprising that Ahmed Mohamed, the creator of the “suitcase clock” was detained and questioned before it was learned that the clock was not a bomb.

No harm, no foul, right? Apparently, that is not the case as Ahmed’s family is now threatening to sue unless they receive $15 million and an apology.

From the very beginning of this fabricated controversy, the Mohamed family has assumed the role of “outraged victim” and have eagerly sought the 15 minutes of fame that comes with exploiting racial sensitivities. Even President Obama lent a helping hand to this preposterous “racial profiling” narrative by issuing an invite on Twitter to the White House.

The situation had all the marking of a hoax but still, the scam would not be complete without a payday and now, it seems that the Mohamed family has finally gotten around to it.

Kelly Hollingsworth, an attorney for the Mohamed family, sent letters to city hall and the school district accusing authorities of mishandling Ahmed’s questioning and conducting a smear campaign upon the family which allegedly caused significant emotional turmoil.

The letters demand $15 million and an apology to halt an imminent lawsuit.

“Mayor Beth Van Duyne lied about Ahmed and his family, and she did it to an audience that is on the absolute fringe of American life,” Hollingsworth wrote. “Van Duyne irreparably endangered the safety of the Ahmed family.”

“Ahmed clearly was singled out because of his race, national origin, and religion,” the letter says. “Let’s face it; if Ahmed’s clock were ‘Jennifer’s clock,’ and if the pencil case were ruby red bedazzled with a clear rhinestone skull and crossbones on the cover, this would never have happened.”

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Though school districts are relentlessly trained to offer swift reactions to perceived threats of violence (such as a kid bringing what appears to be a bomb to school), those who support Ahmed contend that officials should have approached the situation with a “wait and see” approach to see if the bomb-lookalike would blow-up the school and everybody in it.

This brand of idiocy is now readily seen on a national level as Democrats crusade to import tens-of-thousands of Muslims from Syria, the home base of ISIS.

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