CNN Asked Democrat Party to Provide Interview Questions for Trump, Ted Cruz

Wolf Blitzer partying it up with Democrats at the DNC convention.

Millions of Americans have had it with the mainstream (leftstream) media in the United States. It’s what the late, great Tea Party leader Andrew Breitbart unaffectionately called the “Democrat-Media Complex.” It’s been obvious to the average American for years that the media is dominated by progressive democrat leftists masquerading as journalists in order to saddle citizens with their Marxist big government agenda.

Back in 2010, we learned that the fix was in when we learned about the “Journolist” scandal in which leftist “journalists,” academia and political activists schemed to coordinate anti-liberty propaganda. It was just a start as latest WikiLeaks between the Democrat Party and so-called journalists reveal how the dirty sausage in the Democrat Media Complex is made.

The latest WikiLeaks release of emails shows CNN asking the DNC (Democrat National Committee) for questions to grill the top-two vote getters during the Republican primary, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

In an April 28 email with the subject line “Cruz on CNN,” Lauren Dillon, a DNC research director, asked other democrat staffers and officials to, “Please send some topical/interesting ones.”

So the Democrat Party is writing the questions to ask Republican presidential candidates? Oh, yes they are!

Similarly, Lauren Dillon sent an April 24, email to several DNC staffers under the subject line “Trump Questions for CNN” soliciting questions to be asked by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer of Donald Trump for an upcoming foreign policy interview.

CNN is already under fire for the ongoing scandal involved then-CNN paid contributor and DNC vice chair Donna Brazile providing debate questions to Hillary Clinton’s campaign in advance.

CNN has since let go of Brazile and performed some much-needed soul-searching, including having the president of CNN, Jeff Zucker, appearing on a mea culpa panel on Sunday in which CNN’s Brian Stelter said that Brazile “embarrassed all of CNN.”

The problems with CNN’s sorrow that they got caught is the absence of announcing who provided Donna Brazile the debate questions in advance to pass along to Hillary’s team.

After this new eye-opener about new corruption and collusion at CNN, they have got some major explaining to do.








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Matthew K. Burke
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