Another Media Outlet Edits Video to Protect Hillary [VIDEO]

Last night, around 8:30 pm Eastern time, there was an explosion in the Chelsea area of New York City. Given the damage and the fact that it was in a dumpster in a busy area outside of an Orange Theory Fitness, most with common sense would assess that it was a bomb. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump referred to the explosion as a bomb but watching the Democrat Media Complex, you wouldn’t know. In fact, CNN edited Hillary calling the incident a bombing while simultaneously going after Trump for using the word.

Here is what CNN tweeted last night of a drugged robot sounding Hillary speaking with reporters about the explosion.

Notice what is tweeted to try to make Hillary Clinton sound like the voice of reason. CNN tweeted, “We should withhold judgment until we know more.” At the beginning of their video, Hillary’s first words are, “Obviously, we need to do everything we can to support our first responders.”

Of course, we do, Hillary. It’s a damn shame that you and the Democrats don’t do that on a consistent basis since you are quick to demonize and attack police officers. But, I digress.

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Here’s the problem. Thirteen minutes before CNN tweeted their doctored video, Liz Kreutz of ABC News tweeted a video with Hillary’s full remarks making it obvious what CNN no doubt intentionally edited out. The video was retweeted by Brett LoGiurato, executive editor of Business Insider.

This video includes the words that CNN left out. Hillary said, “I’ve been briefed about bombings in New York and New Jersey, and the attacks in Minnesota.”

The fact that a reporter would ask Hillary if Trump jumped the gun when calling it a bomb seconds after Hillary herself called it a bomb is ridiculous enough. CNN took it to a new level and just edited out Hillary’s comments about the explosion being a bomb so they could then attack Trump for using the same language as Hillary.

Last night this story was featured prominently on CNN’s website.


This morning, as I perused the website, this story cannot be found. Either they took it down or changed the title.

Maybe CNN realized the jig is up and they’ve been caught with their deceptive tactics employed to give Hillary an assist.

No wonder some people call them the Clinton News Network.

h/t BizPac Review

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