CNN Host Giddy When Sabato Makes Stunning Prediction [VIDEO]

CNN host Carol Costello couldn’t hide her sense of overwhelming joy after respected political prognosticator Larry Sabato predicted a landslide victory for Democrat Hillary Clinton in the November 8 election, which is now just 19 days from today.

Sabato, the director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics who is famous for his “Crystal Ball” election predictions, announced that Donald Trump is “very unlikely to win” and that according to his analysis, he has Hillary Clinton winning 352 electoral votes (just 270 are needed to win), a new high for her.

Sabato noted that his prediction of 352 electoral votes for Hillary is considerably higher than CNN’s prediction of 307 for Clinton, and host CNN Carol Costello received Sabato’s prediction about a Hillary blowout win with utter glee as she giggled her way into ending the segment.

“Okay, you just stunned me into silence, um, so it’s a good time to end here,” Costello said smiling and chuckling, unable to hide her satisfaction.

If Sabato’s prediction is correct with Hillary Clinton winning 352 electoral votes, that would leave Donald Trump with only 186, which would be a true thumping.

That kind of victory wouldn’t be the greatest margin of victory in recent history. In 1980, conservative Republican Ronald Reagan received 489 electoral college votes to Jimmy Carter’s 49, and in 1984, Reagan’s margin of victory was even greater.

In Reagan’s ’84 re-election, he crushed Democrat challenger Walter Mondale 525 to 13, a massive landslide that is indicative of what happens when a true conservative who can articulate conservative principles runs against a liberal Democrat.


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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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